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  • Season 2 Episode 26: Save the Visitor!; Here's...

  • "Save the Visitor" is the first episode where the pets don't solve a problem the same way they did back at the classroom.

  • Season 2 Episode 24: Save the Rooster!, Save t...

  • Celery Treat: In "Save the Rooster!" the Mother Rooster offers the Wonder Pets homemade celery muffins.

    In "Save the Cricket!" the Wonder Pets enjoy deep dish celery pizza suggested by the cricket's mother.

  • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Rooster!" Tuck is dressed as a sheep, Ming Ming is the Sun and Linny is the Rooster.

    In "Save the Cricket!" the Wonder Pets play with bubbles. Linny holds the bubble making wand, Tuck holds the bubbles, and Ming Ming blows them.

  • Season 2 Episode 23: Save the What!; Save the ...

  • Celery Treat: In "Save the Sea Turtle!" the Wonder Pets had celery tempura.

  • Dress up time: In "Save the sea turtle!" the Wonder Pets dressed up as a Japanese band.

  • Season 2 Episode 21: Save the Griffin!; Save t...

  • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Griffin!" Tuck is dressed up as a King, Ming Ming is dressed up as a Queen and Linny is a royal jesture.

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Save the Gecko!; Save the...

  • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Ladybug," Tuck dressed up as a bug, Ming-Ming dressed up as a lady, and Linny was a mix of both, a ladybug.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Save the Pangaroo!; Save ...

  • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Pangaroo!" the Wonder Pets dress up as a Animals. Tuck dresses up and a Rooster, & Ming-Ming dresses up a poodle and Linny dresses up as a Roodle (part Poodle, part Rooster.)

    In "Save the Cricket!" the Wonder Pets play with bubbles. Linny holds the bubble making wand, Tuck holds the bubbles, and Ming Ming blows them.

  • Celery Treat: In "Save the Pangaroo!" Linny suggests combining two treats because of everything being combined in the episode. They combine Celery and Graham crackers to form Celerackers.

    In "Save the Cricket!" the Wonder Pets enjoy deep dish celery pizza suggested by the cricket's mother.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Save the Goslings!; Ollie...

  • "Ollie to the Rescue!" is the first episode of the show where the title doesn't start with the words, "The Wonder Pets Save the" and end with the name of the animal in trouble.

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Save the Dragon!; Save th...

  • Tidbits: A bird whistles along with a lively orchestral tune during the intro of "Save the Dragon!" "Save the Dragon!" features the first time the Wonder Pets return to a place they've previously been to save a friend of someone they rescued before. The dragon is the friend of the unicorn that was saved in "Save the Unicorn!" Unusually, the Wonder Pets are able to talk with the animal they are saving through "Save the Dragon!" since the dragon is fully capable of speech. In "Save the Beaver!" the sink that Tuck normally swims through to get to the wonderphone is emptied of its water. The Wonder Pets put the plug back in the drain and fill it up again.

  • Celery Treat: In "Save the Dragon!" Linny gets out a tiny stalk of celery and sticks it into the magic waterfall. It grows to a large size and the Wonder pets briefly float magically into the air after eating it.

    In "Save the Beaver!" the Wonder Pets enjoy the celery with Vermont "cheddah cheese" offered by the mama beaver. Ming-Ming describes it as "sharp."

  • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Dragon!" the Wonder Pets dress up as a Chinese Dragon. Linny is the head and Tuck & Ming-Ming are the tail.

    In "Save the Beaver!" both Tuck and Ming-Ming dress up as beavers, while Linny is a tree.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Save the Chameleon!; Save...

  • Tidbits: The Wonder Pets change things up "Save the Chameleon!" Besides wearing each other's costumes, they also change the flyboat into a "drumboat" using a drum in place of the usual red disc (which was stuck on the roof.) Only music is played during the opening intro of "Save the Platypus!" Ming-Ming begins and ends the story in Tuck's aquarium. The flyboat nearly flies away when Tuck and Ming-Ming fight over the sail and drop it into the flyboat.

  • Celery Treat: In "Save the Chameleon!" the Wonder Pets have their celery with lychee nuts offered by the father chameleon. In "Save the Platypus!" they get the celery by special delivery from a kangaroo.

  • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Chameleon!" the Wonder Pets dress up wearing drums, which they play briefly. They then jump into the box and come out wearing each other's costumes. Linny is wearing Tuck's hat and green cape, Tuck is wearing Ming-Ming's goggles and blue cape and Ming-Ming is wearing Linny's cap and red cape.

    In "Save the Platypus!" only Ming-Ming comes out with a different outfit. She wears a Groucho Marx nose and mustache and tries to amuse Tuck into talking to her again, but jumps back for her normal outfit when it doesn't work.

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Save the Bee!; Save the S...

  • The Wonder Pets do not return to their home at the end of the "Save the Squirrel" episode.

  • Tidbits: The Wonder Pets! turn the flyboat into a "beeboat" in "Save the Bee!" and fly through a shrinking machine that shrinks them to the size of bees. Tuck drives the boat in "Save the Bee!" and Ming-Ming drives it "Save the Squirrel!" For the first time, one of the human occupants of the classroom is shown on the program. A girl can be seen through the classroom door in "Save the Bee!" just after the class dismisses, buzzing, dancing and singing that she's a bee.

  • Celery Treat: In "Save the Bee!" the Wonder Pets enjoy their celery with honey offered by the Queen Bee.

    In "Save the Squirrel!" the Mama Squirrel tells them that can't just eat plain-old celery at Coney Island. She gives them cotton candy to top it with.

  • Dress Up Time: In "Save the Bee!" Linny pops out of the box and says that they're telling the story of how a bee makes honey. Ming-Ming flies out of the box dresses as a honeybee and sings and Tuck models a flower from which she's getting nectar. Linny reappears as a beehive.

    In "Save the Squirrel!" the three dress up for an "old-fashioned day at the beach." Linny and Ming-Ming are both wearing cute dresses and hats, while Tuck wears swimming shorts and a fake mustache.

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