Wonder Showzen

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Mar 11, 2005 on MTV 2

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  • A great episode to start off a great show.

    Wow when I first heard of this show all I thought was "WTF". When I first started watching it I thought it was a bit weird but as I got into it I found it very very amusing. It's good to see a different show on TV for once, and the creators of this show have done a great job. Close to the end of the episode, I was at the point where I was in tears of laughter and had to go outside and get some fresh air. Overall it was a top episode, and since watching this I have become a huge fan.
  • Straight to the point:

    Im not sure how anyone can enjoy garbage like Chatmans Wonder Showzen. You can try to disguise it with terms like absurdist comedy variety show but the truth is this show is absolutely revolting. The fact that its on Americas airwaves makes my stomach turn. How can a guy like this sleep at night, knowing kids might tune in and see a cartoon of a dog pulling a bloody fetus out of a pregnant woman being electrocuted, or 5 year old kids getting splattered with blood from a guy getting his throat cut by a terrorist. Chatman.. for the sake everything good and decent, do the world some good and get a new job.
  • A great show series starter...should get people hooked.

    The puppet storyline is decent. Nobody Needs N...haha. Private detective letter S has sex with N and they have the letter i. SiN!

    The Q&A is one of the best in the show yet...where do babies come from. I dont wanna say, but I gotta spell it instead: B-U-T.


    The first clarence was a classic...hilarious. What are you running from...haha...they are just jogging!
    Whats great to see now is to see how the Clarence puppet has evolved...he looks so outdated in this episode.

    The first Beat Kids showcased the classic Trevor Heins, and he is brilliant.

    The HotDog factory video with children voiceover was brilliant. Unfortunately, if you watch the original kids show trailer for Wonder Showzen you will find they had to cut back on the content here. Its too bad...because some of the material was hilarious.
    Instead of "Hotdogs give me energy so I can fight off my demons" it was SUPPOSED to be "Hotdogs give me energy so I can fight off my daddy"...darn.

    Story time is hilarious! Silent reading...brilliant.

    Overall...a classic episode.
  • N was on a downward spiral and hits it on with S

    This episode was the first episode I ever watched. It was weird, it was wrong, it was awsome. It ade e laugh so hard that I had to use the bathroom at the comercial break. N was so nasty and Clarence was so annoying to other people on the streets. This was so funny
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