Wonder Showzen

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Mar 31, 2006 on MTV 2



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Introduction: Today's very special Wonder Showzen is brought to you by the Letter P, Wind In A Can, and broadcast in Victim Vision. When you hear the 'victim', strap on your... *sadistic laughing*

    • Trevor: What did you do with that bowl of soup.
      Woman: Bowl of soup?
      Trevor: The one you got free with that haircut.

    • Trevor: Fifteen girls? Somewhere, fifteen frat guys are missing their punching bags.

  • Notes

    • Transcript of the news ticker shown during the Breaking News segment:

      -W5N- U.S. military spreads privates. -W5N- Private security's privates scarred by military industrial simplex. -W5N- God charged with employing under-aged sweatshot labor to weave fabric of space and time. -W5N- Heartless jerkling unable to sarcastically lament destruction of world's smallest violin. -W5N- Animal laughs at Christian. -W5N- Shopper discovers a grapefruit the size of a tumor during routine stimulations of wife's raisins. -W5N- Meteorologist crushed by a grapefruit the size of hail during routine neglect of husband's nectarines. -W5N- Smash hit docudrama adapted back into real-life event. -W5N- Muhammad promises fashion disaster at tonight's Victies Awards. -W5N- Vague "Health Reasons" checks into Rehab. -W5N- Dallas "done" during/despite Debbie's death. -W5N- Moon landing wins Golden Hoaxie. -W5N- Kabob stand generates genuine industry buzz. -W5N- Ancient Indian burial ground built on top of prehistoric gay bath house haunted by skeet starved Trannysaurus. -W5N- Hurricane Consuela denied entry to United States by I.N.S. -W5N- Aborted vagina gives birth to healthly deadtuplets. -W5N- World's most powerful electron microscope confirms existence of punchline to this joke. -W5N- Audience's slumber undisturbed by scrolling gibberish. -W5N- Right to Cellulife group declares "U.S. Out of My Pie." -W5N- Radical fativists threaten to assinate O.B. City. -W5N- After spooning all morning, Catholic priest and alter boy fork the night away. -W5N- Dream job shows up late for midterm exam in its whitey tighties. -W5N- Serio-Chemical Proglomerate CoCor renews its patent on concept of spiritual enlightenment. -W5N- Hybrid hippie he-she runs on borrowed money woven from wheat. -W5N- Panamanian tarantula birthed by bee-stung flea-bitten Africanized bee attacks Guatamalan wresting slacks. -W5N- Severed front bottom found in woods. -W5N- Woods found in mouth. -W5N- Mouth found in wife. -W5N- Wife treated with night out for cancer. -W5N- Dog inflates hobo. -W5N- Blobo bites passed out as Halloween treat. -W5N- Preacher uses bully pulpit of lap to convert gay stripper. -W5N- Gipper bites passed up for candygrammy. -W5N- Shroud of Turin used to wipe urine from brown off hog's hog. -W5N- Mormon pork pulls out early from pulled punch manwhich. -W5N- Husband of clam walks in on wife enjoying shamwhich. No big whoop. -W5N- Forvel Von Peteowitz unable to come up with Pat Rileyian concept of 9peat. -W5N- Strongman break brick by throw it to ground. -W5N- Girls giggle and quiver with delight at notion of selves/ pink shelves. -W5N- Racism cured like bacon. -W5N- Radical DFB activists threaten to kill plumbers for their "participation in shatracide." -W5N- President clumsily pleads with voters to cradle his leavings. -W5N- POLL: Do you believe that life begins at digestion or the 2nd piemester or the turd diemester? (You have to choose one or your vote doesn't count and your time has been wasted) - -W5N- Political slacktivist cuffed. -W5N- Trousers snake apes waist time. -W5N- Chimpanzees evolve nom de plume to Champanzon't. -W5N- Missing Link found in Jerseyites Nacho face. -W5N- Human sacrifice hot sauce sluices onto fashion week runway, creates hit. -W5N- Hyper star child doesn't know the meaning of the word "can'tcer", crystal clear on etymology of leukemia. -W5N- Ancient Japanese dancer knits higher class chicken glass, shames States, claims Gates. -W5N- Copy write frenzied Klan Grandmaster sues Grandmaster Flash for flashing pants master's gash. -W5N- New Hillbilly toilet paper scrapes bottom of barrel. -W5N- Lil' Hurricane Amber missing. -W5N- Presumed funky/dead. -W5N- Hip-Hop refuses to stop, barrels prediprisingly through huge plate glass pane clumsily hand carted by faux befuddled extras. -W5N- Julliard Trained flutist beaten by Julliard trained flounder, served with or...

    • Premiered on MTV Sunday, April 2, 2005 at 9:30 PM (EST).

  • Allusions

    • In the cartoon Aunt Flo, there are allusions to both Alice in Wonderland (the Rabbit with the clock in hand running) and The Wizard of Oz (Aunt Flo melting screaming "I'm melting, I'm melting...").

    • Sgt. Chauncey's Tough Love Boot Camp is an allusion to the beginning of the movie Patton (1970).