Wonder Showzen

Season 2 Episode 8

Clarence Special Report

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 19, 2006 on MTV 2

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  • Awesome

    These past few episodes that they have been making (especially the Horse Apples one) have really been testing the viewer as to whether or not they can stick with the show. This episode was a whole half-hour of Clarence, the blue puppet, going around asking citizens what they think of TV. That's it. And some of the time, the people he asks don't really even talk, so the creators edited it and added some really good, mood-setting music to set the scene. At first, it was hard to get into the episode. At the beginning before the first commercial break, I told myself that if this gag continued for more then a minute, I would switch channels. But I kept watching. Fans of the show had kinda profiled this episode as a retalliation to how hated the Horse Apples episode was, as in a 'You thought that was bad? You do it better then' kinda thing. The best part was when Clarence was interviewing an angry man and the man kept yelling at the camera to stop filming him, but Clarence pointed out that the camera was moving away and the man kept walking in the way of the filming. The dramatic music pulled it off gracefully. It's amazing how well Wonder Showzen can really grab the viewer, even on really boring parts. One of the best episodes this season, hands down. *****/*****
  • They knew we would complain about the Horse Apples episode...

    It would seem they knew we the viewers would complain about the previous week's episode featuring a whole show of Horse Apples. The interesting thing is that they knew this fact well beforehand as the filming of the random people in the park during the episode-long Clarence Special Report shows everyone in winter jackets, clearly indicating this wasn't filmed over the past week in response to fan reaction on forums and such.

    For that alone these guys are quite the TV geniuses.

    Unfortunately, its another "patience" episode, however considering that the Clarence bits are my favorite, this one wasn't so painful to watch.
    I mean, yeah the episode would be a lot better if they actually had a "regular" show...but having a whole show dedicated to the annoying Clarence is better than another
    "Horse Apples" episode.

    When I first saw the episode on MTV2.com, I figured it would be great because usually the Clarence bits are painstakingly funny. But there seems to be more of a "patience" element to this episode-long bit, waiting for the random people to do something on screen instead of having the Clarence puppet provoke them into something stupid.
    Well, we are all rewarded at the very end as he gets some uninformed farmer (I say farmer because I don't know any born-and-bred New Yorkers who have ever chopped the heads off chickens) to say he thinks of his grandmother when he chokes his chicken. Heh.