Wonder Showzen

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 05, 2006 on MTV 2

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  • Great, GREAT episode

    Everything about the episode was hilarious and very well-paced. The ending was definatly very unique...


    It featured the bootleg and regular show play side by side, both new content, and then the shows kept splitting off into new boxes with new parts of the show until the whole screen was filled with billions of boxes, resulting in a nuclear explosion.

    *end spoiler*

    Watch this episode. It is one of the best episodes in the series.
  • Good idea...but jeez it was hard to watch!

    The first 16 minutes of the episode are AOK...its just like your normal Wonder Showzen episode...minus some quality here and there due to the storyline, which is that the gang investigates bootlegging of their show by watching an "actual" bootleg copy they purchase off the street.

    Minus the "real" puppets, the segments are all the same...so there is no show lost. Its just a little hard to watch such crappy looking sock puppets which portray the "bootlegged" puppets versus the professional "real" puppets which you see from episode to episode.
    They are all good segments...

    I must say though, the Breaking News segment was the best yet...if you are looking for the best Breaking News, look no further.

    The last 5 minuts of the show are absolutely painful to watch. Not because they are poorly made segments, its because due to an agreement between the bootlegged puppets and the real ones, they split the screen, 60% for the real show, 40% for the bootleg. The bootleg splits in half, as the bootlegged Chauncy and Wordworth have an argument and agree to split the screen. So you get 3 shows going on at once, all with their audio going on at the same time. It makes it hard to focus even on just ONE of the three shows. After reading TheOnion article about Wonder Showzen and how they said Episode 108, Patience, was an attempt to get the show kicked off the air (which failed of course, as MTV2 loved the idea), I would assume that this episode, or at least the last 5 minutes of it, was a similar attempt. I doubt it did, so I expect to see at least 2 more episodes this season :).
    They eventually all converge to a final cartoon with a terminally-ill child in the hospital making a wish to have the apoclypse. The show ends with the classic children narrirating a video about the apocalype with the most HILARIOUS LINE ever, EVER...not only for this TV show, but for all of entertainment:

    "It's so quiet. I guess we did it, we achieved world peace! YAYYYYYYY!"