Wonder Showzen

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Apr 01, 2005 on MTV 2



  • Notes

    • Transcript of the news ticker shown during the Breaking News segment:

      Courts to rule on legality of Number and Letter union -W5N- Tiger found trapped in well -W5N- Little boy still missing -W5N- Cutter told body is temple cuts temple -W5N- Impregnated goat gives birth to a notion -W5N- Notion irritates nation -W5N- Societal rug pulled out from nations mental feet with metaphorical union -W5N- Beauty called into question as colors of rainbow battle with each other -W5N- Sexy dog calendar tops the calendar charts for third month in a row. Will go platinum -W5N- Stay tuned to W5N for updates on Regies' midnight dilemma -W5N- Chrome Ghost released into captivity. Victims outraged -W5N- News scroll looses control. Flies off screen. Hurts family pet -W5N- Kid slow down scroll. Gathers clues. Finds treasure. -W5N- Worlds most beloved largest donkey goes to worlds smallest department store -W5N- Mexico chooses flavor of the month. Oppression -W5N- Threat decreased to suggestion -W5N- Poet laureate of the internet named. PFFR fourpeats -W5N- Cannibal outclassed again -W5N- Wolf torn apart by metaphorical wolf -W5N- Nations saving grace saved in bed pan -W5N- First letter of news scroll turns out to be a code. Kids decipher -W5N- How much more type do we need to fill the news crawl? -W5N- War heralded as triumph for the unlikely -W5N- Diversity training turns into bloody brawl -W5N- MC Blood Clot dies of irony -W5N- Washington monument to be renamed God's Biggest Boner -W5N- Monument's new sanctity boulders just shot hot gobs of moral outrage into clear American sky -W5N- Hick drowns in scalding gob of own disaproval -W5N- Court to rule on legality of Number and Letter union -W5N- Tiger found trapped...

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