Wonder Showzen

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 12, 2006 on MTV 2

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  • how did they do that?

    When you take Blue Collar TV and strip away a few flimsy cultural refinements, what you wind up with is Horse Apples, the REAL blue collar TV. This is Middle America showing it's true sense of humor, but Horse Apples does something different from its Comedy Central counterpart: it pokes fun AT Middle America, not with it. It's intent is to degrade, insult, mock and generally smear the Middle American cultural image, which Blue Collar TV impotently tries to portray with a kind of emerging backwoods intellectualism. The Horse Apples concept padded out to a half-hour does seem a bit much, but what ends up on screen is 30 minutes of some of the most damning and revealing subversive material I've seen in a long time, and it's all done in a monotonously but appropriately repetitious style. It seemed so viciously honest and relentless. It was eye-opening. Imagine if this episode had been two hours long! It would have been like a psycho-cultural reverse enema, dangerously counter-productive to my bovine mentality and a wrench in the large intestine of the middle american mindscape. A fitting, warped echo of GIT-R-DONE mania. You go, white people!