Wonder Showzen

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Apr 29, 2005 on MTV 2

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  • Nothing happened!

    Play on words indeed. It was sooo bad! The eposide was not one bit funnhy, but typical mtv trash. Whoever could set through this has a huge amount of pantice. It is sad that TV has resorted to this. Other eposides are fine like Health.It was funny and number two also was fine. There was irony. In this there was not irony at all. It was more annoying than anything. Maybe if I was high or drunk, I would have appericated it more, but it would have to be some serious drug.Please save yourself time and do not wacth Patince for yours will be lost.
  • Youre just upset because it did exactly what it was intended to, piss you off by being redundant and trying your patience.

    The subtle difference between the first and second showing of the patience sketches make it worth it.

    Oh yea, that scene where the kids get asked what is speed?

    Thats hilarious.

    The subtle differences:

    The ant sketch \\\"OH boy i got a second chance\\\"

    \\\"NOW I got a third chance\\\"

    That one really made me laugh

    \\\"HEY LOOK, theyre showing tv backwards!#@#!$%@%\\\"

    Its all about the small minute jokes in this episode, and I guess a great deal of people are too impatient to realize and appreciate them.

    To all the haters, youre just upset because the episode did exactly what it was designed to, it tired your patiince.

    Enjoy :P

  • This is exactly why this show is hilarious.

    I know a lot of people probably hate this episode, but I found it to be the craziest of them all. I could not believe that they actually went through with the reverse gag -- and they still found ways to sneak in new jokes.

    In my opinion, this episode just shows that the guys behind this show are geniuses, and they think on some odd level that most people can\'t comprehend.

    I\'ve loved their work ever since I saw the original Kids Show clip that eventually spawned this series.

    Here\'s hoping they continue to baffle the public.
  • bunch of not funny material, and then a bunch of not funny material reversed. Wow, what a crock of shit

    This is the worst episode of Wonder Showzen ever made. Truly dissapointing for Showzen fans who expect more from the show\'s producers. A message to the creators: Its obvious that this show lacked content... dont exploit fans into thinking that patience has anything to do with the quality of this episode because its obvious you ran out of material.
  • This was the best thing ever aired on television.

    This episode was great. What makes Wonder Showzen unique is the way the creators do whatever they want. They took a huge chance with "Patience." Playing the first half backwards for the second half was obviously risky, and it did irritate a lot of people, but those people who got irritated were just irritated at the idea, in my opinion. The second half being backwards is still entertaining if you pay attention to what is happening. There are subtle differences and hidden messages that are just great. I was personally overjoyed that they even went through with it, but it isn't just a great episode for doing that. This episode is just as funny as any of the others and I can watch it over and over again gladly. The last little bit really even is good enough to make up for the replayed portion if you found it annoying. Watch the episode with an open mind and you will love it.
  • At least they got it out of the way...

    Very hard episode to watch.
    The first 12 minutes are about patience, forwards.
    The next 12 minutes is the first half of the show played backwards.
    The last 5 minutes are about Speed, and they do a compressed episode in that time.

    The only good bit is where they talk to this asian man who cant pronouce the word "patience" and they make him repeat it over and over.

    Everything else is slow, boring and painful to watch.

    Try to avoid it if you can.

    The only good thing about this show is that they got it out of the way...I dont think its possible for them to make another dud like this one.
  • The theme of the show is Patience. Your patience is put to the test by the intentionally slow moving act one. Then in act two they play act one again, this time backwards. Act third attempts to buy back the first two acts with the theme of Speed.

    An absolute amazing waste of time. Of course that's what the producers of the show were going for when they made it, but that doesn't make it worth watching. The third act about speed is pretty decent, but not enough to buy back the first two acts about patience. If you can, tune into this with about ten minutes left of the show to catch the end, but if you turn it on at the beginning, change the channel. Trust me, it's time you won't be getting back.