Wonder Showzen

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Apr 29, 2005 on MTV 2

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  • Youre just upset because it did exactly what it was intended to, piss you off by being redundant and trying your patience.

    The subtle difference between the first and second showing of the patience sketches make it worth it.

    Oh yea, that scene where the kids get asked what is speed?

    Thats hilarious.

    The subtle differences:

    The ant sketch \\\"OH boy i got a second chance\\\"

    \\\"NOW I got a third chance\\\"

    That one really made me laugh

    \\\"HEY LOOK, theyre showing tv backwards!#@#!$%@%\\\"

    Its all about the small minute jokes in this episode, and I guess a great deal of people are too impatient to realize and appreciate them.

    To all the haters, youre just upset because the episode did exactly what it was designed to, it tired your patiince.

    Enjoy :P