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  • a crazy show with the sickest kids in the known universe........add in puppet insanity and acid flashbacks and you have the grounds for something unique.

    this show is sick............and i mean that in a good way. its dark at times, its hilarious almost always, and some of the kids are just plain crazy.its probably hit or miss for most, but theres an underlying genius here. youll need a twisted sense of humor, or you wont get it. all in all i love it, and if you havent seen it, give it a try.
  • An Existential Black Hole of Comedy

    I often watch episodes of this show holding my face in utter horror and disbelief...and some might say \"joy.\" Modern TV comedy has never been drawn this dark and hopeless and more insanely funny. The conceit of a \"children\'s show\" that is intended for anyone but children is an idea that has been attempted many times by lesser writers and performers. The writers of Wonder Showzen have dipped their oars into a black river of despair fueled by hypocrisy, racism, rabid corporatism and soulless marketing, exploitation of children, globalism and steered us deep up river, into the heart of darkness. And yet it is brilliantly, insanely funny. So smart, so funny, so bleak-- it hurts. WARNING: Do not watch this if you are on MAO inhibitors or SSRI medications or suffer from mood disorders. This show may well push you over the edge.
  • This show scares me.

    This show is okay, but I just don't understand why tons of people like it. They have warped kids saying things that they should never say. It's what would happen if Trey Parker made Sesame Street, except the guy who voices Towelie does it. Why does it need to look like that? Is it to create a message or make fun of stereotypes? And also, why aren't there any watchdog groups fighting this show? This show has got to be more offensive than South Park(South Park has become more accepted by parents). Still, it's okay. It's still more disturbing than funny for me.
  • Find the hidden message

    At first side ''Wonder showzen'' looks like something bad made up to fill the minds of the audience with trash,but have you ever wonder why ''Wonder showzen'' discusses themes like racialism,war,domestic violence,sexism,poverty,propaganda and many other bad things that are a problem nowadays.The answer is simple:''Wonder showzen'' has a hidden message.It has the purpose to expose the ugly side of humanity and to make the people disgussed from themselves.The only problem is that many people understand it incorrectly because of the violence.Some of them think that ''Wonder showzen'' is stupid because of the gross stuff,and others for example the younger ones like it but still don`t get the idea.They think it is cool because of the violence,they don`t see it as edifying. I think that people shouldn`t watch only the outside of a show.I think they should try to get deeper and find the hidden message.
  • Show was interesting but scary

    What can i say, i liked the show but my old review was too childish, kinda like the show but this show is NOT FOR KIDS! Have your kids watch it and you are in trouble for what you children will learn. I feel that the show was satisfactory but not my overall favorite MTV show only because it is a little too creepy, but i guess that is all i can say except watch it if you want and don't hate on me if you dislike it.
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • One of the best shows on MTV2

    Wonder Showzen is basically an evil Seasme Street. Paroding it in every ways from Beat Kids to the puppet segments everything is hilarious. This series is not recommended for people who get offended easily. Although this series is off the air now it might be able to make a comeback. There were a few segements that even offended me a little bit and there were some that just made me laugh. All and all Wonder Showzen was a good show and I hope to maybe see a new season or having it return to MTV2. So if your into bizzare shows this is a good show for you.
  • definetly unique

    Very weird indeed. A great rip on little kid puppet shows. But the weirdest thing ive seen in a long long time. if you cant take puppets exploding, getting arms ripped off, spewing blood out, racist rips, a puppet telling a guy to take his privates out and a whole lot more stuff like that then this show isnt for you at all. But the comedy in this is immense like the egment Beat Kids or the cartoons Aunt Flo, Chinese Girl Baby Atlantis, and other weird things are what keep it strong. But the only thing I didnt like about it was Horse Apples.
  • "Horse Apples"

    It one thing for a peice of entertainment to be poorly written. It\'s quite another thing to not understand it. Frankly, those who don\'t understand a peice of art have an invalid opinion.

    Also, it is pretty obvious that most of you retards never had to sit though an episode of the television show \"Hee Haw\"... thus you don\'t understand the setting of the humor. Then again, maybe an episode of \"Hee Haw\" reflects the lives of those who \"didn\'t get\" this episode.

    \"Horse Apples\" is f***ing brilliant. One of the best. Love those signs in the \"Horse N\' Go\"...

    \"Night Driver: Masterbation Pills\"
    \"White Victory\" Beer Ad.

    Halarious. Lighten up red staters.
  • What the f*ck? Crazy show...But yet, I still find it hard to resist... and indeed it gets better every episode, to me... I have never been offended by this show, even though it does attack a lot of people, even black people like myself. It\'s not really a

    But yet, I still find it hard to resist... and indeed it gets better every episode, to me... I have never been offended by this show, even though it does attack a lot of people, even black people like myself. serious people, becuase you may be offended or just shocked. Its hard to describe, kind of like a messed up adult version of sesame street. And don\'t forget about \"BEAT KIDS\" that\'s kinda funny to me... I wasn\'t really looking foward to the show when I first heard about it, but now as newer and better episodes come out, I\'m begining to like it, more and more...
  • A completely insane, yet great show.

    Wonder Showzen is one of the most off the wall shows on TV. Unfortunately it's also slightly uneven at times. Most of the jokes are great and will provide lots of laughter(ie: the episode where Chauncey plays God in rock, paper, scissors for the fate of the world and the episode with Mother Nature and her sex change), but some skits fall a flat.

    What really makes this show stand at just being great, than being higher... is that it's a hard show to watch over an extended period of time. After a couple episodes you end up wanting to give your mind a little bit of a break.
  • Sick, Twisted, Subversive, Offensive

    And I love every minute of it.
    Although not as offensive as My Super Sweet 16 it's close.
    I hope to God this show is not cancelled after the second season. One of the best shows to come out in a long time. I can't believe it's on MTV. Brilliant show!
  • A disturbing show for adults who like kid shows

    Wonder Showzen looks like a children\'s show, with a twist - it\'s got plenty of disgusting footage, adult ideas, and racism mixed in.

    Sometime the show will acknowledge their own racist sayings, and that can be amusing (when viewing a show on china, a direct quote is: \"If you say \"Ching-Chong\" to them, it translates to \"I\'m a racist American.)

    The first season had more interesting, challenging material in it, like little kids watching 50\'s farm \'movies\', and commenting on how we\'ve become disproportiantly disconnected from the meat we eat. Interesting, smart social commentary, made more amusing by being said by children.

    Unfortunately, season two (so far) seems to be a racist free-for-all, and I can\'t really put this show on for anyone I know, without feeling embarrassed at just how stupid it is. I guess they got 7 shows of brilliance (skip 108, it\'s idiotic), and lost the plot.
  • awesome show

    Wonder Showzen is intensly funny and should also come on MTV and not just MTV 2.
    One of my favorite shows of all time
    Wonder Showzen offers a different type of comedy then we are regually exposed to. If you dont like it then you might have problems.
    MTV 2 rocks but i rarly get to see it
  • And you all like this because...?

    When I first heard that there would be a Wonder Showzen Mini-Marathon rather than the usual Headbanger\\\'s Ball, I got kinda mad. But something inside me told me to give Wonder Showzen a chance. Maybe there was some good in it.

    Lord I was wrong.

    I think everybody that has so far spent their time making, watching, and/or staring in this show is either high, drugged, or getting lots of money off of this. They will look back on this show in the future and hate themselves.

    The show is nothing but a mesh of nonsense. Yes, nonsense is something we all love nowadays, but Wonder Showzen takes it to such a level that it\\\'s extrememly painful to watch. It\\\'s basically exactly what the immature young preteenage boy\\\'s mind is saying, which makes it so very terrible. And this is coming from somebody that actually wasted a few minutes of my life on this crap.

    The show is filled with both puppets and humans, each having certain bits in the show. Kids interview adults on segments called \\\"Beat Kids\\\", a blue puppet named Clarence interviewing New Yorkers with innocent but annoying questions, and the rest is mostly puppets making fun of Sesame Street.

    After at least 15 minutes, I turned the TV off and walked away disgusted. If you loser kids want to watch something good, get into anime or something. Just don\\\'t watch a show that sucks every bit of knowledge, self-confidence and and common sense out of your head.
  • the best show ever!

    If you've ever watched Seasme Street or any show with puppets when you were little, you'll love watching this show. It isn't crass humor that the characters say stupid jokes. It's funny to see puppets going around to real people and asking them to do weirf things. it's Hillariasly Funny!
  • this is one of those shows that will make you laugh out loud in a explosive spit take, with snot running down your nose, and have you crying out of your ass.

    This is one of those shows that will make you laugh out loud in a explosive spit take, with snot running down your nose and have you crying out of your ass. it takes all the sesame street recipes with a good dose of psychedelics mixed in, and devilish comedy writing to stress you out.

    the animation and puppetry are fantastically weird and dangerous. this show is destined to be a cult classic for fans of alternative comedy and underground animation.

    Love it!!!
  • The show is so good it makes you laugh and put your head in your hands and say "oh my god" at the same time.

    Its not exactly the first show to be critical of everything and anything. Southpark was pretty much the first in that category. But there are certain issues which this show touches on that Southpark would never be able to go into.

    Some things are downright hilarious, for example the bits where they have kids doing color commentary on videos shown in elementary schools 30-40 years ago.
    Some things are downright wrong and would make you put your hands in your head, but at the same time its so funny you can't help but laugh.
    The rest is just a bunch of stuff you would never think could be said on TV and all you can do is just stare at the TV in disbelief. Rewatching these bits over and over makes then funnier each time.

    The fact that this whole show is directed towards kids makes it all the better.

    The show has such great comical value. I recommend you give it a try.
  • perfect for kids

    this show is one of the best kids shows that i have ever seen in my life. parents, i think that you should know how to show kids horrible things in the world, and what a better way to do it than through puppets? also, make sure you dont bother them, so do something else while they watch it!
  • This show is getting worse and worse the more you watch it

    This is so funny when you watch it the first time! My favorite thing was tylor the kid whos perfect at everything i was dying of laughter at that but the show is getting less and less funny clips with hobo cops and the patience episode >:( ive never watched it ever since that episode
  • Wonder Shozen is Good!

    This show is amazing in it\'s wrongness. It has so many wonderful segments, and bits. It couldn\'t be better. Beat Kids is an incredible and informative piece. The minds behind this are incredible. I wish this would be released out on DVD. It reminds me of TV Funhouse, but slightly more \"rock-n-roll\" style. It\'s a little looser, and shorter segments. Making it more chaotic and marvelous.
  • Simply Amazing.

    Wonder Showzen is one of the best shows in the world, I've been a fan ever since the 12 minute pilot floating around the internet long ago. It's very satirical, politically correct and incorrect, amazing, hilarious, wonderful, bright, clever, funny, abnormal, fresh and new, provocative, delicious, 'oh god', amazing, amazing, amazing.
  • i luv wonder showzen!!!!

    wonder showzen is a great show it is like a sesame street show except 4 that it is a show meant 4 adults but it is soooooooo funny even for kids my age.its understandable if you think this show is stupid,but maybe dats because you might not enjoy a good laugh.My score 4 it is 10.0 because it is freaken hilarious!
  • MTV's Wonder Showzen is outrageously funny!

    From MTV2 comes a parody of Sesame Street, Wonder Showzen. Wonder Showzen is the adventures of Chauncey, Him, and other puppets as they make movies, teach children stuff the wierd way. This show is of course, really funny! Start to finish, this show is very funny. This is about the only thing it has. Humor. It has some very adult themes that is odd and a little funny since it's a kid's show. But parent will not like their kids watching this. This show was my favorite some time back. Very very funny show that your gonna laugh at untill you drop dead. 9.8/10
  • Delicious dark comedy and iron everywhere. I can't imagine a better show. Getting a kid to say he wan'ts to punch God in the face on TV is the best thing in the world. Wondershowzen is my new God.

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  • An ubsurd comedy

    This is definetly not a kids show!Wonder Showzen is the best comedy ive seen since Andy Milonakis Its just awesome my favorite sketch is H.O.B.O. O.P.S. This is so ubsurd that you HAVE to put the kids to bed! THis might be even better than South Park. Watch out Cartman!
  • Its either a nasty kid or annoying puppet its still funny.

    This show rocks out loud I love this show. Clarence being an annoying puppet ticking people off. Or beat kids which is just funny. This show would be good on dvd. It hasnt got a-lot of media attention. But wait untill they cross line. Or some straight laced parent finds it.
  • Hey fordxanakov have some patience for the episode patience. PATIENCE IS GOOD!!!

    let me start of by saying if you do not have the kind of weird sense of humor like i do then you probably will not enjoy this show.there is a plot to this show and it follows what sesame street did and STILL DOES(amazing sesame street sill going on). there is a letter of the day on each episode and a word of the day on each episode and the characters go through very funny little skits.another reason i absolutely love this show is because how it is a totally different idea from almost all other shows out there.wonder showzen is created by the constantly stoned and hilarious towelie from south park.and if you watch wonder showzen you will probably think that the maker of this show is really a stoner with some of the skits they do in this show not really making any sense.and finally hey fordxanakov have some patience for the episode patience patience is good.lol
  • Give us more Wonder Showzed..you will laugh and sometimes wonder why...They go way beyond what you ever thought they would or can...you wonder what will they do next.....

    like they say in the commercial it\'s seasme street on crack this is the side of the street they tried to hide from the public.You ask yourself are they allowed to do this.they need show outtakes of the tryouts for the shows and see how many parents left when told what the show was about..also they need to interview the kids in few years and see how they felt about being on the show.Lets hope they bring it back soon it neat and funny to see what they come up with next..
  • An absurd, surreal kid's show with very naughty puppets.

    I love watching this show. You don't even need to be on any drugs to appreciate. Growing up, I always wished my children tv shows had more social and political commentary. The kids beat segments are my favorites. Sometimes you can see the adults thinking, "I wonder if I could get away with hitting this kid." I wish Clarence would come harrass me.
  • A dose of The Andy Miloknakis Show, but without the crappy parts.

    Wonder Showzen is just too "out there" to not appreciate. It's ingridients of racial and fascists humor make this show a very scrumptous recipe. It combines the best moments of south park and inserts them into all the random moments of the naked gun series. The problem is that about ten percent of the show can be a little bit dull.
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