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  • Calling this show insane is an understatement.

    So many of us who watch this show grew up watching kids shows on PBS. While Wonder Showzen is kind of like one of those, there is a big difference - this is NOT a show for kids, even if the theme song calls it a kids show.

    The over-the-top violence, sexual innuendo and disturbing images definitely give it away that this show is specifically for adults. But beyond all that is a refreshingly unusual show with some great characters you can't help but love and a variety of sketches. There's question and answer segments with kids, cartoon shorts, puppets and my favorite part - on the street interviews. Featuring either the cute blue puppet Clarence or the Beat Kids, these segments are great candid interviews, but usually the interviewer steals the part.

    There's always a moral at the end of every episode, which is a good idea because most people don't even follow things like honesty or respect to nature.

    Overall, Wonder Showzen is a great show for people who want something different, and if you let your child watch it, then - just like the disclaimer says - you are a bad parent or guardian.
  • Wonder Showzen is one of the more original shows on TV today. Although it is questionable and at sometimes bizzare, this makes the show as good as it is.

    Wonder Showzen is one of the more original shows on TV today. Although it is questionable and at sometimes bizzare, this makes the show as good as it is.

    They blend in stock footage with a real "kids show" personality, with the cartoons, interviews, and skits with children. I believe that the show as it has been shown in the first season has a lot of potential, and will (if anything) become a cult classic.
  • When I first saw Wonder Showzen, I immediately changed the channel because I thought it was some mere "Kids Show" (lol @ that thought). The next time I watched it, it immediately became one of the best and funniest shows i have ever seen.

    The reason Wonder Showzen is as good as it is, is because it is willing to go as far above the line as humanly possible. No subject is taboo...murder, suicide, sex, racism....it's all been done on this show. It often leaves those who watch in confusion because instead of having an all-adult cast, it uses children, puppets and (most hilariously) the elderly. This more than likely a way of putting the demographic that is least shown on television...especially puppets. Reviewing Wonder Showzen is incredibly hard because writing about it will never do it justice, however in fewest words...if you like watching the letter S and the letter N having sex, then this show is for you. If you enjoy watching a letter get pregnant due to sex, to make a letter i, thus creating SiN, then this show is for you. If you enjoy watching the number 2 commit suicide because it isn't number 1, then this show is for you...
  • Wonder Showzen is an irreverant spoof of every children's show you remembered since childhood. Nostalgia through a dark and amazingly humorous looking glass. Don't let the format deceive you, Wonder Showzen is NOT for kids, but for intelligent adults wh


    Imagine a children's program like Sesame Street. There is an ongoing storyline told by puppets and many cutscenes to educational animations, and films about how things are made. Now imagine Sesame Street on drugs.

    The exact same format is used to host amazingly fun and dark humor. Are you interested in a puppet who gets hooked on imagination and goes through drug use sequences? How about a "news" peice on gambling that is funny enough to be featured on "The Daily Show" but that is told from the aspect of an 8 year-old reporter? Memorably, the adorable 8 year-old (his cuteness adds to the humor) tells an old man he is interviewing at the horse races that he can do an impression of the eldery man: "Gamble! Gamble! Gamble! Gamble! Die!" He punctuates the "Die!" by lowering his head and feigning death.

    This show explores the boundaries of safe humor and most probably crosses them in every sketch, but the results are hilarious for those with a sense of humor dark enough to see the funny.

    This "children's show" is definitely not for children or child-like conservative viewers, but for those of us who are merrily watching the world tumble around us, it is a cathartic balm.
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