Wonder Showzen

MTV 2 (ended 2006)


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  • The show is so good it makes you laugh and put your head in your hands and say "oh my god" at the same time.

    Its not exactly the first show to be critical of everything and anything. Southpark was pretty much the first in that category. But there are certain issues which this show touches on that Southpark would never be able to go into.

    Some things are downright hilarious, for example the bits where they have kids doing color commentary on videos shown in elementary schools 30-40 years ago.
    Some things are downright wrong and would make you put your hands in your head, but at the same time its so funny you can't help but laugh.
    The rest is just a bunch of stuff you would never think could be said on TV and all you can do is just stare at the TV in disbelief. Rewatching these bits over and over makes then funnier each time.

    The fact that this whole show is directed towards kids makes it all the better.

    The show has such great comical value. I recommend you give it a try.