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MTV 2 (ended 2006)


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  • And you all like this because...?

    When I first heard that there would be a Wonder Showzen Mini-Marathon rather than the usual Headbanger\\\'s Ball, I got kinda mad. But something inside me told me to give Wonder Showzen a chance. Maybe there was some good in it.

    Lord I was wrong.

    I think everybody that has so far spent their time making, watching, and/or staring in this show is either high, drugged, or getting lots of money off of this. They will look back on this show in the future and hate themselves.

    The show is nothing but a mesh of nonsense. Yes, nonsense is something we all love nowadays, but Wonder Showzen takes it to such a level that it\\\'s extrememly painful to watch. It\\\'s basically exactly what the immature young preteenage boy\\\'s mind is saying, which makes it so very terrible. And this is coming from somebody that actually wasted a few minutes of my life on this crap.

    The show is filled with both puppets and humans, each having certain bits in the show. Kids interview adults on segments called \\\"Beat Kids\\\", a blue puppet named Clarence interviewing New Yorkers with innocent but annoying questions, and the rest is mostly puppets making fun of Sesame Street.

    After at least 15 minutes, I turned the TV off and walked away disgusted. If you loser kids want to watch something good, get into anime or something. Just don\\\'t watch a show that sucks every bit of knowledge, self-confidence and and common sense out of your head.