Wonder Showzen

MTV 2 (ended 2006)


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  • A disturbing show for adults who like kid shows

    Wonder Showzen looks like a children\'s show, with a twist - it\'s got plenty of disgusting footage, adult ideas, and racism mixed in.

    Sometime the show will acknowledge their own racist sayings, and that can be amusing (when viewing a show on china, a direct quote is: \"If you say \"Ching-Chong\" to them, it translates to \"I\'m a racist American.)

    The first season had more interesting, challenging material in it, like little kids watching 50\'s farm \'movies\', and commenting on how we\'ve become disproportiantly disconnected from the meat we eat. Interesting, smart social commentary, made more amusing by being said by children.

    Unfortunately, season two (so far) seems to be a racist free-for-all, and I can\'t really put this show on for anyone I know, without feeling embarrassed at just how stupid it is. I guess they got 7 shows of brilliance (skip 108, it\'s idiotic), and lost the plot.