Wonder Showzen

MTV 2 (ended 2006)


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  • An Existential Black Hole of Comedy

    I often watch episodes of this show holding my face in utter horror and disbelief...and some might say \"joy.\" Modern TV comedy has never been drawn this dark and hopeless and more insanely funny. The conceit of a \"children\'s show\" that is intended for anyone but children is an idea that has been attempted many times by lesser writers and performers. The writers of Wonder Showzen have dipped their oars into a black river of despair fueled by hypocrisy, racism, rabid corporatism and soulless marketing, exploitation of children, globalism and steered us deep up river, into the heart of darkness. And yet it is brilliantly, insanely funny. So smart, so funny, so bleak-- it hurts. WARNING: Do not watch this if you are on MAO inhibitors or SSRI medications or suffer from mood disorders. This show may well push you over the edge.