Wonder Showzen

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Apr 28, 2006 on MTV 2

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  • Good puppet story line...still waiting for the return of education videos with children voice-overs.

    This episode was pretty decent. The story line was funny, and there were several quotes which were just hilarious..."knuckle hoagie"???? Obviously one of the writers is from Philadelphia.

    They seems to put a lot of emphasis on the cartoons here. There were a lot. One of the cartoons extended the finale of the movie Old Yeller, and the kid puts down more than just his dog. I was holding my face in disbelief with what this cartoon was showing the kid put down.

    The beat kids was fair. The idea was very good...I mean, going to ground zero for their purpose wasn't a good idea in general, but for the nature of the show it was a good idea. The problem was that the kid they used wasn't very good, and the material they tried to get out of people wasn't very good either. I was smiling the whole time just at the bit's idea, but it could have been done a lot funnier.

    My guess is that no one in the MTV management is female, especially since they let that video about what Girls can do...or what the stereotype of girls is... Very tasteless, but thats Wonder Showzen for ya.

    Another decent episode to add to the collection.
  • Perfect in almost every way.

    Every part of this episode was hilariously dark and very, very well written. The 9/11 part was very touchy, but still, it didn't feel tacked-on or useless. It made a good point about how stiff everyone is about the terrorist attack and ground zero.

    The 'old yeller' spoof of sorts where this boy had to put down his dog, and several other things, was a good example of how men have to hurt to seem tough in this society. The fact that it just kept getting more zany was also a plus.

    The woman skit was about on par with the minorities skit they had made on this series. I don't think it's touchy... in fact, you tell girls they can be anything they want, but when it comes down to it... a lot of them end up staying in status-quo. So the point comes off as a brisk tap on the head to society.

    The main storyline had a lot of dark humor to it as well, but some silly humor made it all the better, and sorta balanced it out. I really like the puppet's personalities and how they bounce off of each other.

    Overall, great episode.