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  • Abortive Pilot not Adrianne Palicki's Fault

    Adrianne Palicki held up her end of the log. She made a pretty respectable Wonder Woman.

    At a stunning 5'-11" she certainly met the physical requirements for an Amazon princess. Lynda Carter was an equally Amazonian 5'-10". With Palicki's credibly tough attitude, she met the psychological requirements as well.

    Had the story and dialogue been right, Palicki would have been as good a Wonder Woman as Lynda Carter.

    No, the problem wasn't the casting. It wasn't with her. The problem was the writer/producer, the highly respected David Kelley.

    Any superhero series has to have an origin story of some sort, however abbreviated. In this case, there was none. Nada, Zip. You just can't do that.

    Sure, in media res. Get a running start. But you get a running start with the origin story. You don't skip it altogether. David Kelley, usually a great writer, really dropped the ball on this one.

    A real shame.
  • This show tripped at the starting gun...

    This television show did not follow standard hero building procedure. the first ep did not even have an origin story. The dialog was good, a few distinguished actors made it better. Adrianne Palicki is definitely not my first choice as Wonder woman, she played a good Diana Prince but her attitude as Wonder Women was not believable. The costume was a foolish design, did not fit to the form of Palicki's body, when she's Wonder Women it's not believable. The torture part was not in line with the character (she does torture but only when the lasso does not work or not their). Wonder Woman does not kill humans. This would have been a great season 1 finale. She did not use the lasso once.
    Adrianne Palicki is a good actress and she does deserve a show but not as a heroine. a love interest drama (maybe romantic comedy).

    This show was not designed properly and would never have succeeded..
  • it's actually good.

    Saw the pilot yesterday for this and my first impression was good casting on the lead role....

    ...Adrianne as the main character was a good choice, and yes some of us are probably thinking of other brunettes etc.. who we would like in the role, but you cant please everyone. ;p

    I was surprised to see Liz Hurley as a Villan in it but after letting it sink in I figure her character will become an ongoing mastermind of some sort in a back plot while each episode deals with a different case.

    I was racking my brain to figure out why I recognised the "boyfriend Steve", he was Michael in the recent remake of Knight Rider, another great show.

    for what seemed like a short pilot I look forward to seeing more.