Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 18

A Date with Doomsday

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 1979 on CBS

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  • Brilliant finale

    A Date with Doomsday

    Biological warfare a major concern in the late 70s as NATO and the Warsaw Pact continued their insane arms race with one another. Motorbiking WW is back again, hooray! There does seem to be a remarkable amount of motorbikes always lying around for her to ride. Did they ever produce a Motorbiking WW doll, like the famous Evel Kineval one? (alongside the classic Six Million Dollar Man doll with it's magnifying eye and no end of Star Wars stuff). More convincing disguises which seems to be something that every two-bit crook could do back then (thank you Mission Impossible). Computer dating agencies, eHarmony in it's very primitive form. We also have a villain with an agenda, just as in 'The Man who could Move the World' she's doing it in order to avenge her brother, killed by goverment incompetence. It's a humdrum episode UNTIL we get to Wonder Woman's truly thrilling last minute run to catch the test tube filled with virus which really makes this 10 times better, very cleverly cut together as this was obviously filmed in Los Angeles and then interspersed with stock footage of Washington DC. Punch the air brilliant.

    8/10 for the final run alone