Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 16

Amazon Hot Wax

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1979 on CBS

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  • Wonder Woman the Musical

    Amazon Hot Wax

    Very much a case of 'Lynda Carter's got a great voice and artisitc timing so let's do a musical episode '. But it's still pretty good, I really like the idea that they can find out the disappeared popstar's hideout through interpreting his album cover, more music folks should do that today (anyone else 'Quest for the golden hare?). Such a shame that this occurred in the era before mainstream TV series were obliged to do a musical episode (Xena, Buffy, Scrubs, Ally McBeal etc), some of which were pedestrian and obligatory, some of which were exemplary and superlative. Also we have 'Beverley Hills Cop' star Judge Reinhold in his first ever role as the lesser evil part of the evil duo. A hugely different image for Diana, no longer the Sarah Palin lookalike but actually someone whom you could believe was a popstar back in the 70s. Kinda weak excuse that an organisation like the IADC would be involved with something so minor as extortion in the music business, they seem to be a combination of the FBI/CIA able to operate on both US terriroty and foreign soil (or at least as long as the stock footage lasted). Rick Springfield once again in a very different role to what we've seen him in before. Steve relegated to the DC office, very much a bit player from now on which frankly I see as something of a shame, Wonder Woman would have been so much better if we'd have had some sort of romance in our favourite Amazon's life rather than have her as some sort of ultra-hot glacial eunic, just because she doesn't need men or women doesn't mean she shouldn't want them. On a more prosaic level Eric seems to hope to use the casting couch to begin a relationship with Diana but never even gets a look in, at least he appears to be placated by the magic of Diana's voice in the studio. A pretty good ep, Lynda Carter maintaning a career through her music specials long after Wonder Woman was cancelled. You often think that she was a musician who fell into being an actress than the other way around (the anti-Elvis?). The group Anti-Matter with all it's gimmicks kind of resemble the 70s supergroups KISS, Earth, Wind and Fire and The Bay City Rollers.