Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 16

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Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1979 on CBS

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  • Diana goes undercover at a music studio..

    In this installment, Diana goes undercover as a singer recording an album for a producer that is having problems with blackmail. This script is ironic as Lynda Carter had a brief singing career at the time Wonder Woman was on the air and lends to the ease which Diana is shown in the studio.

    A couple of things to note about this episode:

    - We see the use of slow motion for when Wonder Woman is in pursuit of a runaway van. This was a common used technique for many of the shows filmed in the 70's and it is used in a very impressive manner.

    - The other singers seen at the studio are a bizarre bunch, to say the least. A duo, with Judge Reinhold playing a part in an early for this actor, that are dressed up to look like twins at all times which is a strange sight at times. However, the strangest people are the trio of guys that wear white face make-up seemingly at all times and drive around in a van that blows a loud horn and shoots fireworks constantly. Funny, I don't remember 70's singers dressing up like that on a constant basis...unless you're imitating KISS or the Osmonds.
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