Wonder Woman

Season 1 Episode 2

Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman

Aired Unknown Apr 28, 1976 on CBS

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  • Fausta, Nazi Wonder Woman

    This episode had everything for a classic Wonder Woman fan. She was chloroformed, tied up, put in peril, but freed herself. Steve tried to play the hero, but got caught. And in the end she turned her most dangerous enemy, Fausta, into an ally.
  • A little disappointing

    The Nazi Wonder Woman

    I pictured WW's Nazi counterpart as an evil Amazon similar to what we've seen in the Crosby film, a blonde version of Lynda Carter (Morgan Fairchild would have been good casting) in a black WW outfit festooned with swastikas and wielding the 'Whip of Tyranny' (of course the swastika is an ancient Greek symbol so it would make sense for Amazons to wear it). But actually she's just a normal woman if a clever one. The first appearance of WW's rather fetching cape and the first of numerous Wonder Woman doubles but what's with the masks, are they off to a venetian ball or something? WW chloroformed and chained again and Steve knocked out. At this rate he's going to outdo Giles on Buffy. Of course this is the ep that get's the WW mind control fetish fans all excited, she's depowered by the removal of her belt and enslaved using her own lasso. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9XAmyXM4RM&feature=related Fausta's conversion at the end takes some swallowing. We're told that Paradise Island has thrived for 26 centuries without male destructiveness. All the jaunting back and forth to Germany seems a bit farcical. You rather wonder that if she's there anyway she should use the lasso on Hitler and get him to end the war? 5/10
  • Wonder Woman battles an old foe from the comics.

    Linda Day George is excellent in the title role of this episode - totally committed and convincing as the Nazi supporting villainess. Keene Curtis as "Buehrer" added yet another great portrayal to his list of acting credits, as well. Fine acting overall - some of the best of the first season. This episode features several great action sequences especially a scene featuring a chamber with the walls closing in. A table is crushed by the walls and it's quite a jolting moment of suspense. Keep an eye on the wires on the wall crank in this same scene - you can see the pyrotechnic devices before they ignite. Also notice in the scene in the warehouse when Curtis is captured in Wonder Woman's lasso. There is no editing in the shot and it is apparent that Lynda Carter did indeed wrangle the villain herself.
  • The Nazis kidnap Wonder Woman and force her to tell them the secret behind her powers! Unfortunately, Steve Trevor is spending too much playing the part of the token victim in order to do any good at all whatsoever. How did this guy become a Major again?

    Ya gotta love those cheesy German accents. This was the sort of material that made this show so memorable in my eyes. Nazis make great villains. They’re almost as cool as Imperial Stormtroopers. But in this episode, you’ve got Fausta Grabels, a Feminazi who chooses to supplant Wonder Woman in order to learn the secrets of her powers. In this episode, we learn a little bit more about the nature of her golden lasso. As we all know, those bound inside the lasso are required to tell the truth. But what I didn’t know was that Wonder Woman was susceptible to this as well. Naturally however, the Nazis, being the bumbling ego-driven goofs that they are, screw the whole deal up and Wonder Woman manages to escape. Now I don’t mind admitting – there was something salaciously satisfying about seeing Lynda Carter bound and tied up in that golden lasso. Va-va-voom!
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