Wonder Woman

Season 1 Episode 2

Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman

Aired Unknown Apr 28, 1976 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This is the only episode where Wonder Woman wears a mask.

    • Goof: Wonder Woman has amazing strength and can bend steel bars yet she has trouble breaking Steve free from his chains.

    • Goof: Steve and Wonder Woman emerge from the water tank they were tossed into completely dry.

    • Both times that Diana turns into Wonder Woman in her office, look closely and see that she is not wearing the magic bracelets when she leaves the office.

  • Quotes

    • Diana: (to Steve) Maybe all women can do wonders if put to the test.

    • Colonel Kesselman: (in response to Fausta's explanation of the magic lasso) You were to capture Wonder Woman, not Dale Evans!

    • Fausta's Henchman: Quick, tell me how do I make you helpless and take you prisoner?
      Wonder Woman: Remove my magic belt.
      Fausta's Henchman: Is that the key to your strength?
      Wonder Woman: Yes, away from my home on Paradise Island.
      Fausta's Henchman: Could this chloroform keep you unconscious?
      Wonder Woman: Yes.
      Fausta's Henchman: Sleep peacefully Wonder Woman, you will wake in The Fatherland.

  • Notes

    • Episode guest stars, Lynda Day George (Fausta) and Christopher George (Rojak), were real-life husband and wife.

    • There was no discernible mention of the name of Bill Fletcher's character. However, the character is an associate of Fausta (Lynda Day George) and Mueller (Keene Curtis) in the first half of the episode.

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