Wonder Woman

Season 1 Episode 11

Formula 407

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1977 on CBS

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  • sadly still kind of relevant - perhaps 45 should watch this

    As the professor points out "where Nazis are concerned, there can be no neutrality".

    -There are NOT good people on both sides.

    Diana repeatedly fending off a guy who won't take "No". Having to maintain diplomatic politeness while her body is examined and he tells her how to look "attractive".

    -When you're a [political] star, they "let you do it".

    But then again, he'd just miss all the feminist points, leer at her bikini and side with the Don Juan and the Nazis in this episode. After all, he doesn't trust scientists....
  • Formula 407

    A relatively good episode, and one for those chloroform fans out there. A few points though.

    One, the Nazis take Steve Trevor never once asking where Wonder Woman might be.

    Two, when Wonder Woman is chloroformed the hand holding the cloth is in the wrong hand, and the sound she makes is from Debra Winger in the Feminium Mystique, Part 1.

  • Terrible!

    Forumla 407

    Very much a backwards step after the previous episodes, another Nazi agent plot with a secret formula at risk. WW chloroformed again, some nice stock footage of South America but little else to really recommend it. Where did this recipie for indestructible rubber go, it still sounds pretty useful? The Atlantic really must be crawling with U-boats, they seem to show up everywhere. One thing that was pointed out to me is that in the late 1970s WW2 was still living memory, you could have served in it and still be in your late 40s which may explain why they chose to set the show then, most of the movers and shakers in Hollywood would have been of that generation (one of the reasons we're getting Transformers and GI Joe films now is that the bigwigs in Hollywood are those who played with the toys as kids).


  • Very strong episode here.

    Here's a great episode complete with romance, intrigue, betrayals and fun. This is old-school action/adventure tv writing. Everyone is in top form with their acting especially Nehemiah Persoff as "Professor Moreno" who gives one of the top five guest star performances of the season. The musical score to this episode is well-composed and timed with the action, too. Waggoner and Carter look great in this episode and do well with their on-screen chemistry for a change. Great direction and action sequences are a treat in the episode as well.

    The great settings and costumes round out this excellent episode.