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Unintentional (?) humor in the pilot, Cloris Leachman edition

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    OK, I am watching the original pilot for Wonder Woman and WOW! Though I was a huge fan of the show as a kid (a big enough fan to make my own Wonder Woman bracelets), I don't remember seeing this -- and certainly not in the 90-minute version. And wow. ... It is really something. The special effects are, as I expected, not special.

    But it's the performance of Cloris Leachman that stopped me in my tracks. She seems to be playing the Queen of the Amazon roles for laughs, mostly toying with with props like a harp, a fruit basket and biting her own fist as she recalls male energy. Good stuff -- a touch of the wacky that the real Leachman possessed when I met her. I'm even more of a Leachman fan.

    I also love Lynda Carter's wide-eyed walk through DC, showing a lot more skin than supersuit. She's unclear on concepts like money, and Lynda sells it. Not just anyone could say "Excuse me but that's very rude" to a gun-toting robber and make it feel real.

    I just downloaded a few hours worth of WW at Amazon Unbox. I don't have the DVD set, and I'm not sure I want to see too many episodes (I think I like my memories of them better than the reality three decades on).

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    I never saw the original pilot because I don't think they put it in syndication. I have just finished the regular episodes from the season 1 boxed set and will watch the pilot tomorrow. To be honest, I am so used to Carolyn Jones as the Queen, I'm not sure I could stomach Cloris Leachman in the role.
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    Cloris and Carolyn were great, if you haven't yet. Wait til you see Beatrice Straight's version of Queen Hippolyta. It's the worst, she plays it to straight no comedy at all. Carolyn was the best though she had that balance between seriousness and comedy. (Coming from the Addams Family provided her with the perfect comedic timing I think.)
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