Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 13

Going, Going, Gone

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1979 on CBS

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  • Nukes and subs

    Going, going gone

    The submarines are back again! The character of Lucas is also played by the same actor who was Steve Trevor in the Kathy Crosby movie. The Cold War is central again plus flying saucers which were extremely popular at the time, a mass flurry of sighting all over the world (the spinning top with a clear dome on top filmed by New Zealand film crew and examined by Arthur C Clarke especially convincing). Nuclear proliferation once more, can anyone tell me exactly what is a single engine Soviet fighter doing armed with a nuke flying so close to the Californian coast? Diana uses genuine espionage techniquies when impersonating Mrs Fox (is there a Mr Fox?), set phrases to allow two individuals to meet and recognise one another, very 'From Russia with Love'.. It's kinda lame that Smith tells everyone that she's an imposter but no one listens to him and they just go on with the auction as if nothing has happened. However I very much like do like the idea of her turning into swimsuit Wonder Woman in the torpedo tube, we really should count up the number of ways she accomplishes that (spinning in a chair, rolling down a quarry scree slope etc). Also the nuke itself looks pretty pathetic.


  • Womder Woman tackles an evil submarine captain and his cohorts....

    This episode concerns the illegal auction of a Russian nuclear weapon that landed in the hands of an undersea submarine captain. Diana, along with Steve, try to track down the whereabouts of a missing laser weapon and discover that a local amusement park is a front for many of the underlings working for the captain. After some chatting up an underling, Diana manages to get invited aboard the submarine using a ruse as a presumed deceased woman. The rest of the episode plays out in a fairly predictable manner with Wonder Woman crashing into the submarine and stopping the bad guys.

    All in all, a pretty good episode highlighted by the scene where Diana is shot out of a torpedo tube and transformed into Wonder Woman, wearing her diving suit costume.
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