Wonder Woman

Season 2 Episode 11

Mind Stealers from Outer Space (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1977 on CBS

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  • Great title, poor ep

    Mind stealers from outer space pt1&2

    Who could resist a title like that? Certainly not the studio hoping to ride the Star Wars mania sweeping the country! So Andros IS back or rather his son is, I just never realised it. So what happened to his dad? I guess that's a story from between seasons 1 and 2? Andros Jr played by the gorgeous and magnificently named 'Dack Rambo' who would go on to great fame in supersoap Dallas before becoming one of the high profile victims of the terrible AIDS epidemic which swept through the homosexual community in the early 80s along with Rock Hudson, Freddy Mercury etc. Ironically Rambo was his real surname (the book First Blood had been published at this point but Sylvester Stallone's film had yet to be made). But his real first name was Norman. We also have Earl Boen who'll go on to play Dr Silverman in the Terminator films. The Skrill are pretty stupid looking as is Sardor who may be influenced by Bigfoot on The Six Million Dollar Man. More weirdly re-edited fan films of their fight on Youtube. So the prescence of alien life is known to the general public in the Wonder Woman universe. We see WW address the UN, so why do so many people throughout the series still act as if they don't know who she is? IRAC know's Diana's true identity and there are actually hints of attraction between her and Andros. Sardor's wheezing and appearance is very Darth Vader. But nothing can distract the fact that the villains are really just a bunch of kids/midgets in outfits spraypainted green, even if they do make the R2D2 noise. Another new ability for WW, able to astral project.

    5/10 no match for real Stormtroopers

  • Part 2 of the Silly Putty Adventures.

    The penultimate scene when Andros leaves WW alone on earth is probably one of the most moving moments of the entire series. The second part of the \"Mind Stealers\" episodes almost seems to have been directed by a totally different person than Part 1. The pacing is much more relaxed and patient. Carter\'s stunt-double gets almost as much screentime as Carter herself. The fight scene with the Darth-Vader rip-off is very long. And I can\'t think of any other episode where Wonder Woman\'s victim was apparently killed in a fight scene. It\'s a bit upsetting to see her look down onto the dead monster.
  • The skrills are aliens that steal the most important treasure of humankind, their brains leaving people in a coma state, only Andros and Wonder Woman can stop them.

    One of the best two part episodes of wonder woman, has action, adventure and a monster that looks similar to Star Wars Darth Vader.

    The special effects are funny compared to today standards but is a fun show to watch, specially because these are the most dangerous enemies that wonder woman has to fight since the nazis on the first season.

    The skrills are aliens that steal the minds of important people, scientists politicians, to sell later in the galaxy, the only solution to stop them is the combined forces of Andros a good alien an wonder woman, if they fail humankind is doom.