Wonder Woman

Season 2 Episode 11

Mind Stealers from Outer Space (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1977 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the first half of the episode, Diana Prince is in her car speaking to Steve, who is in his office, and tells him that she's close to the center (IADC). Immediately afterwards, she changes into Wonder Woman but when she does that, the footage shows her in front of the fountain near her apartment complex ready to jump over it.

    • Continuity: Andros says that he and his father have worked with Wonder Woman before. This suggests that the Andros from "Judgment from Outer Space" is his father. However, at the end of this episode, Wonder Woman talks about the last time they said goodbye back in 1943. This would indicate that this Andros is the same person from "Judgment from Outer Space".

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  • Notes

    • This episode contains the most "Wonder Woman spins" of the series. Diana changes into Wonder Woman 5 times!

    • This episode marks the first major appearance of IRA, the intelligent, speaking capable, computer though Diana does briefly talk with a similiar model in 'The Return of Wonder Woman'.

    • Andros calls Wonder Woman "Princess" throughout this story. At the end, Ira calls Diana "Diana Prince . . . ess" just as she leaves. This would seem to indicate that Ira knows her secret identity, which is verified in later episodes.

    • The second part of this episode marks Lynda's change in hairstyle as Wonder Woman--her hair is longer and looser, allowing the actress to wear her own hair with only a fall to make it fuller, instead of the curlier wig worn in the earliest 1977 episodes--but the sudden change is annoying in a two-part episode!

    • Regis J. Cordic (Professor Eidleman) was credited as Rege Cordic.

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