Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 1

My Teenage Idol Is Missing

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1978 on CBS

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  • Great commentary

    My teenage idol is missing

    Reputedly the 3rd series is where the big changes take place. Less and less Steve with one ep having none of him at all, a more serious WW who leaves behind many of the features we've come to associate with her (no Amazons, no invisible plane etc), the series confident enough to now continue on it's own mythology. Also less and less of Diana in glasses and her hair looks slightly different.

    Must say I'd never heard of Leif Garrett before watching this, unfortunately according to Wiki he seems to have sunk into heroin addiciton since. Lynda's commentary is great, she seems to be full of warmth for him. She seems wistful for the way she used to look back then (don't worry Lynda, you're still a fox) and points out that we see WW in her cape once more, conveniently covering up the WW stuntwoman's harness as she climbs up the side of the building in true Batman style. Motorbiking WW again and Lynda admits that whilst she rode the bike onscreen she left the jumps to her stuntwoman, the studio obviously having learnt their lesson from Anschluss 77. Beyond that we have young girls obsessed with pop stars again as we saw in The Pied Piper. Interestingly Lynda thinks that WW's life is incomplete because she doesn't have children?

    7/10 but better with Lynda's commentary, wish we had more

  • Typical campy fare.

    A huge improvement over last season's "The Pied Piper" episode (also dealing with the music business). Some very awkward acting by Lief Garret who genuinely looks so exhausted I felt sorry for him. He seemed as if he would have much rather been home sleeping like normal adolescents than to be filming an episode of Wonder Woman. Some very long unnecessary sequences (like the audience filing into the concert), make this episode unbearable at times. Nonetheless, there's some nice acting by Karen Lyn and Carter which seems to make up for the silliness. Carter also looks great in the episode - with some classic 70s summer dresses and sunglasses that eat her entire face.