Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 24

Phantom of the Roller Coaster (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 11, 1979 on CBS

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  • Saved the best for last

    The Phantom of the Rollercoaster

    Hooray! Back to DC, back to Steve, obviously whatever went wrong in LA Diana has decided to stay in Washington (perhaps she let Bryce take over her role?). Maybe they knew that the series was ending and decided to reorganise the eps in order to have Diana and Steve go out on good terms? They actually saved the best for last with a great performance from Jared Martin (Dallas/War of the Worlds)as the twins that has real emotional reasonance. That fact that one twin was disfigured by napalm during Vietnam is pretty adult stuff and the ending as the brothers embrace once more is fantastic, brings a tear to your eye and Lynda's trademark Wonder Women enormous smile is fully justified. Obviously riffing on The Phantom of the Opera it's wonderful to see a series which features people of such stunning physical perfection and beauty as Lyle and Lynda bringing across the message that we should never judge by appearance.

    Diana pretends to be a double agent and once again uses genuine espionage techniques. Motorbiking Wonder Woman once more with another conveniently placed motorcycle. More orphans and some genuinely thrilling stuff with the rollercoasters and preventing the sabotage. Diana is actually able to transform now in a spinning car.


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