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  • This series follows the adventures of Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince or as Princess Diana of Paradise Island.

    Despite a major format change in mid-stream, in which the setting shifted from WWII to then-modern times, this series held its own pretty well. Credit Lynda Carter for that. She WAS Wonder Woman, and whoever plays her in the long-rumored upcoming movie is going to have some huge boots to fill.

    Basically, the show took the whole hero-saving-the-damsel-in-distress cliche and set it on its ear. Wonder Woman was the hero(ine), more often than not coming to the rescue of one of the Maj. Trevors (the father in WWII, the son in the '70s). It's a little hard to understand how two danger-prone men could have survived before her arrival, much less attained high military ranks. It's also best not to read too deeply into how Wonder Woman (who aged much more slowly) could get romantically involved with both the father and the son, even though both relationships look more like innocent middle-school flirtations compared to what goes on TV today.

    Wonder Woman had a magic lasso that forced people to tell the truth, an invisible jet, and bracelet that deflected bullets. Pretty much her only vulnerabilities were to chloroform and sleeping gas; the bad guys seemed to knock out either Wonder Woman herself or her Diana Prince alter-ego about once every third or fourth episode.

    Despite the aforementioned logical holes, this show was a classic. Enjoy!