Wonder Woman

CBS (ended 1979)





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  • Reasons WonderWoman was so popular- Two things kept that series going both held up Lynda Carters red white and blue outfit!

    Back in the day I was a teen when WW was on and what I remember about it was it was all about sexploitation. It wasn't bad enough to parade Ms Carter around in such a revealing costume- No! They had to sexualize young male viewers by repaetedly rendering either WW or Diana unconscious by various means. I remember my friends who watched it talk about wouldn't it be great to remove Diana's or WW's clothes while she was out. I even know of one father who encouraged this kind of thinking in his son. I wonder what became of him? Battle of the Network stars was another example of sexploitation. I mean who wouldn't watch Lynda Carter get her swimsuit wet while being dunked in the dunk tank. Comon it was fluff, and unnecessary sexualizing fluff which has never been equaled except perhaps fpr Farrah Fawcett in Charlies Angels. nuff said!!!