Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 8

Skateboard Wiz

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1978 on CBS

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  • Love her in a new costume

    Skateboard Wiz

    I doubt there was any craze that WW didn't jump onto during it's run. Here we have skateboards AND video games and it's pretty funny to see the ancient versions they had back then compared to what people have now. What would we have had if the series had continued into the 80s? Wonder Woman against a villain obsessed with solving the Rubix Cube? Wonder Woman trying to save a group of teenagers threatened by the holes in their jeans? A fiendish plot to destroy all the 3-inch cassettes in the world? When you're used to fantastical plots it's pretty weird to have some quite nasty organised crime stuff, arson and mobsters threatening people's famillies. The scene where the heavies try to drown Diana in the surf is also quite nasty, you really get the idea she could be in trouble before she fights them off and escapes (notably she fights them off as Diana). But of course here we have skateboarding WW and she's great, I always love it when we have a new version. We've had standard, horse-riding, swimsuit, motorbiking and now skateboarding. What more could we have? Handgliding Wonder Woman? Astronaut Wonder Woman? Arctic Wonder Woman (no, thinking about it too much covered up), Jungle Explorer Wonder Woman (break out the leopardskin), cross country skier Wonder Woman? One thing I'd have liked in the series was more continuity, like we had with Harold Farnum recurring in 2 separate eps. Here Diana goes to visit an old friend from the IADC but it's a woman we'd never heard off or seen before, why couldn't it be Steve's secretary whom we've met a few times or Jo Atkinson or someone else from a previous ep? Why can't we have recurring villains, Mariposa or the baddie from The Girl from Ilandia being two who spring to mind. Also interesting to see that Diana actually does have a life and friends outside her work and secret identity, Diana Prince is not simply a mask that Wonder Woman wears. Would always love to have seen a Superman 3/Buffy like confrontation where she get's split into her 2 different personalities. Another young girl who get's the wish fufilment of having their heroine Wonder Woman as a friend (anyone else remember the Wonder Woman sequence on 'Jim'll Fix It'?) did she not notice that motorbike sitting behind the car?

    7/10, worth it for the skateboarding outfit alone