Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 14

Spaced Out

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1979 on CBS

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  • Comic-con 1978 style

    Spaced Out

    It's Star Wars again! Funny to compare the very improvised, early sci-fi conventions that followed Star Wars and preceeded The Empire Strikes Back to the slick, glossy Comicon versions we have today with their fabulous guest stars, elaborate publicity events for forthcoming releases and sky high admission fees. Here of course we have Rene Auberjonois of Odo in Star Trek;DS9 fame as a thief mocking the convnetioneers but now of course he attends them as an honoured (and extremely well paid) guest! Also interesting to see the Black Avenger mobbed by the fangirls which may be a sly joke on all those lusting after WW herself (one of whom we meet here, Sly). A very different look for Diana, much softer and less career woman/sexy secretary, perhaps attempting to blend in with the other conventioneers. Apparently the studio is sponsoring 'Space Quest' an extremely popular show which they are bringing back. Of course this is exactly when Star Trek; The Motion Picture was in production. We have a sympathetic thief who Diana actually seems quite fond off and of course Robby the Robot from the Forbidden Planet/Lost in Space. If we ever have a new WW series I'd love a scene where she attends a case at a convention, accidentally enters a Wonder Woman lookalike competition and is not too happy to end up coming third (as allegedly both Elvis and Charlie Chaplin both did). Especially brilliant if she was to bump onto Lyle Waggoner/Debra Winger signing autographs there. In a subtle ref to reality we have the idea that 'Robby the Robot is a lush', ironic given Lynda Carter's very public battle with alcoholism (given her amazing figure you would have thought her problem would be anorexia, able to maintain her tiny, tiny waist whilst still having a truly terrific rack). Yet much like Wonder Woman Lynda won her battle and is still the bees knees today, one heck of a milf and no mistake.


  • Wonder Woman at a science fiction convention...!

    This is an interesting episode as it takes a fairly routine story of a jewel thief, pursued by both sides of the law, and plays it against the backdrop of a sci-fi convention. Compared with what the patrons of the convention dress like in homage to characters of their favorite shows, Wonder Woman, dressed in her eye catching and form fitting red, white and blue outfit, hardly looks out of place.
    All in all, a fairly average episode though I do wish the villains portrayed showed a little more intelligence at times.
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