Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 10

Stolen Faces

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1978 on CBS

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  • Mission improbable

    Stolen Faces

    Another Wonder Woman double and frankly a not too convincing one. It seems that WW is not only known to the general public but they're also aware of her link to the IADC, the Dr treating the fake Wonder Woman phoning them when she's brought in. One interesting factor of this ep is that Diana actually seems to check out Roman as he walks down the corridor. Is she suspicious or interested? The plot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever but that really isn't that unusual. You think she'd have saved herself a lot of trouble by just throwing the lasso around the first impersonator and forcing her to tell her the plan. A nice little feature is Diana and Steve all dolled up at the end going out to a fancy restaraunt, a date?