Wonder Woman

Season 2 Episode 4

The Bermuda Triangle Crisis

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1977 on CBS

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  • Swimming WW!

    The Bermuda Triangle Crisis

    Once again we have a possible clash between the interests of the US and the Amazons, nuclear power controversial once again (and this is BEFORE 3 mile island). We see WW communicate with home via her magic mirror although I'm not really sure why she feels the need to transform into costume first, surely her mother would recognise her as Diana Prince. We have a downed US aviator as a prison of war being tortured which is pretty near the knuckle, the last Vietnam POWs having only returned a few years previously. We have some very blatantly installed stock footage garnered from the old TV series 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' and the classic WW2 film 'The Enemy Below'. Best of all though we have WW in her skintight figurehugging drysuit which is really quite something to behold, especially for mummification fetishists (yes they exist, google it) The scene where she plants the mines on the side of the sub is quite blatantly shot in a swimming pool but we're so busy gawping at Lynda we really don't notice (which could be pretty much a description for the success of the entire series). Reputedly the inital Wonder Woman swimming outfit was a skimpy red, white and blue bikini but it wouldn't stay on Lynda as she did her stunts so they switched to the bodyhugging drysuit instead. LOVE to see THAT footage sometime!

    Love her punch the air gesture as she surfaces, rare to see her make such a triumphant action. We also see her in action as Diana, very nearly rescuing the prisoner. One question, if she's able to hold her breath for so long underwater how come she's always getting chloroformed, couldn't she just hold her breath?

    7/10 worth it for swimming WW alone

  • Great fun in the Tropics!

    A great all-around episode here. Some fine acting with some great campy moments (like Diana's stolen army fatigues fitting her beautifully) and a strong balanced story. This is good 70s television. Steve cooking a Maine lobster over a fire near the tropics is classic as is the swimming pool that WW dives into that's supposed to be the ocean. I also love the decorative warheads that flank the entrance to the "Headquarters" (take note of the odd font choice for the "Headquarters" sign as well). This is another fun action episode for Lyle and Lynda with some great action sequences for everyone. Oh, and we get a topless Trevor in this episode!
  • This was awesome just for the fact that it has the first true variant on her costume. Also, this is the ONLY episode that shows her change BACK into her previous costume (regardless of it just being run backwards).

    This show was a good episode. The storyline was well thought out and the actors did a fine job as well. I have watched this episode several timesand it remains a personal favorite of mine. Granted, like most episodes of the series, it has its flaws (the dubbing of Steve sayin, "grab my shirt" comes to mind immediately), but you have to think of what TV shows were in the 70s as opposed to what they are now. More money and time are devoted to making them believable and on par with feature films. Regardless, WW will always be the greatest show ever made. ;-)