Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 20

The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (1)

Aired Unknown May 28, 1979 on CBS

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  • The series Wonder Woman was a head of its time. I loved when it flashed forward to the present time. Well the presant at that time 1977.

    This is one of the best of them all. How the aliens had learned Diana's secret. I really love how of all peaple a young boy see her changing from IADC agent Miss Price to the amazing amazon Wonder Woman. Also how he is confused when he sees both Diana and Wonder Woman side by side and still belives what he saw that they are the same person. I lvoe the ending that vern thought Wonder Woman made Chip forget who she really was that he had recorded what he saw on cassette. A perfect little cliff hanger. too bad the show only lasted a few more episodes. It would have bee great to see him again and maybe even help Wonder Woman because he know her serect. Even thought she thinks she has made him forget thanks to her magic lasso.