Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 3

The Deadly Sting

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1978 on CBS

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  • Wonder Woman stops....an evil bookie??!!!

    Before I get too far into this review, let me make one thing clear: I am a big fan of this series and have been since seeing it back in the 70's. With that, I'll say that, unequivocally, this was the worse episode of the entire series.

    Let's start off with the premise: a scientist uses darts to control football players and make them throw games so he can win bets with the local bookies. Now, reread that sentence. Is there anyone out there who thinks this would happen? Wouldn't you think that he would use these darts to acquire money an easier way? Banks, jewelry stores and so on.....

    Anyway, Wonder Woman breaks up a fight instigated by a couple of the bookie's goons using the special darts. Satisfied that the darts work, the bookie decides that the biggest threat to his operation is.........Diana Prince!!! At this point, most people watching would scratch their heads and mutter " This guy is aware that there's a super strong heroine who just stopped a major brawl by herself and he's worried about some government agent. What the...???!!! " Well, I'm one of of them.

    The rest of the episode goes along fairly predictably culminating with Wonder Woman defeating the bookie by having him literally falling into her open arms. With clumsily done action scenes and a plot that really needs tweaking to be adequate, this is one episode most can skip when watching this series................