Wonder Woman

Season 1 Episode 4

The Feminum Mystique (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1976 on CBS

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  • The Feminum Mystique pt1

    Here's Drusilla! Weird as in the pilot the Amazon Queen stated Diana was her only daughter. Of course she immediately get's chloroformed, the family resemblence is startling. Like her better in her cute bobby-soxer disguise than as Wonder-Girl. Also noted character actor John Saxon of 'Enter the Dragon' and 'Nightmare on Elm Street' fame. The prototype jet is a real WW2 aircraft, the Gloster Meteor but British rather than American. Of course in reality the German's were far in advance of the Allies in terms of jet fighters, they'd have no need to steal anything (their Me 262 was not only superior to it's British and American equivalents but would remain so for years after the war). We see WW transform back to Diana, the only time I can think we see that. I'm not the greatest Drusilla fan although I like her relationship with Diana, makes the superheroine more human, like Buffy and Dawn


  • This episode is worth it just to see Drusilla take her spin into Wonder Girl...

    I have watched this episode countless times, wanting to emulate the spin performed by Debra Winger as she slowly makes her stunning transformation into Wonder Girl. I would get a tingle every time I did this transformation myself! The glowing light perfectly shines upon her, replacing her street clothes with her costume, which consists of a red t-shirt; blue belted feel-good underwear; suntan hose (hopefully run-resistant!); red boots; a gold tiara worn on the forehead; magic bracelets on her arms; and a lariat on her belt. I actually love this costume even more than Lynda Carter's original Wonder Woman suit and wish I could own my own Wonder Lady uniform and wear it FOREVER. The sheerness of this alone is what makes this episode a true standout, regardless of the plot of the episode.
  • Diana is visited by her sister Drusilla (Wonder Girl), who was sent to America by their mother to keep tabs on Diana. Meanwhile, a group of Nazis plot to find the secret of Feminum, the alloy used to make Wonder Woman\'s bracelets.

    This was an absolutely classic episode of Wonder Woman. If you don\'t like this episode, then you wouldn\'t like this show to begin with. It features the perfect blend of action and camp and all of the elements that make the show - some great bullets and bracelets sequences, Wonder Woman showing her strength and power (stopping a plane!), tons of Amazons, a Paradise Island takeover (yikes!), and of course, Debra Winger as Wonder Girl, who even has her very own wonder-spin! Classic!
  • Awkward lapses in plot continuity and uneven scripting combine for hilarity, absurdity, and fantasy.

    This episode introduces a sister, Druscilla, who must retrieve Diana from Man\\\\\\\'s World. After telepathically (off camera) summoning the invisible plane, she is off. Meanwhile, Diana is unable to prevent the theft of an experimental jet from the Army Airborne base. She discovers a break in at home, and whirls into Wonder Woman, only to discover her kid sis. She allows Druscilla to stay for a period, introducing her to Steve Trevor and the scientist on the XPJ-1 Jet project, over dinner at her own apartment. Later, baddies kidnap General Blankenship, and Druscilla imagines she can be Wonder Woman--she recalls a manufactured flashback sequence of how Diana telepathically thunderclaps into Wonder Woman for the first time, and awkwardly spins into a strange Wonder Girl costume. The Nazis capture her, and threaten Paradise Island. Uneven plot, poor continuity from the pilot, and poor continuity from the comics (Feminum instead of Amazonion bracelets), as well as lingerie and leotard clad Amazons, combined with odd hair and makeup, and bad editing (splices visible) make a below-average episode.
  • Wonder Woman has to help the Air Force prevent Nazi agents from stealing the designs to a prototype fighter jet. But things get complicated for Diana, when her kid sister Wonder Girl arrives fresh from Paradise Island

    The only negative thing I have to say about this episode is that the plot is extremely similar to the one from “Faust: The Nazi Wonder Woman”. In that one, the Nazis wanted to procure the secrets of Wonder Woman’s golden lasso, in this one, they want the secret of her magic bracelets. Aside from that, this is a solid ep.

    We are introduced to three important qualities in this episode. Firstly, they change the nature of Diana Prince’s transformation into Wonder Woman. In the first few eps, her changer involved a slow dissolve as one image overlapped the other. But from here on out, when Diana begins her infamous spin-cycle, there is a loud explosion and a bright red light erupting before we see her as Wonder Woman. For all its flare however, she still needs to pause and adjust her belt and tiara after changing. The second element that this episode provides is the concept of Feminum. Despite its horribly lame name, Feminum is the ore used to create the bulletproof bracelets. The ore is indigenous to Paradise Island, so only Amazons have access to it. And thirdly, this episode marks the introduction of actress Debra Winger as Wonder Woman’s kid sister, Drusilla. She is never actually called Wonder Girl in this episode, but it is quite obvious by the design of her tunic that she was at least partially modeled after Donna Troy, the character of Wonder Girl from DC Comics. This episode manages to be both serious and campy at the same time. Drusilla is extremely impressionable and eager to learn the ways of Man’s world. But she seems to have a lot of trouble with local colloquialisms. An example of this can be found when Drusilla begins believing that this new entertainer Frank Sinatra is an evil man because he’s going to “knock ‘em dead”. This episode is a lot of fun and is probably one of the more memorable adventures from WW’s entire run.