Wonder Woman

Season 1 Episode 5

The Feminum Mystique (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1976 on CBS

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  • Since last episode, the Nazis are paying less attention to the fighter plane they tried to steal and are focusing more on a planned invasion of Paradise Island! Woo-Hoo!

    Wonder Girl continues trying to help aid Wonder Woman, and even has her own costume and lasso (which she never uses unfortunately). She gets captured by the Nazis and played for a fool, and even accidentally reveals the location to Paradise Island. So now we have Nazis versus Amazons.

    I had a good time with this episode, but I feel it could have been better. The build up towards the invasion was pretty cool, with Diana back on Paradise Island training the Amazons. At first, the Amazons are easily dispatching the Nazi goons, and they are even giggling while doing it. These guys are tools! So naturally, they are forced to resort to gas grenades, which drops every Amazon on the island like a sack of potatoes. This is pretty weak. I think that if they wanted to craft a two-part episode that centered around the invasion of Paradise Island, they probably could have done so more effectively if they had begun the invasion much sooner. Maybe if they excised the fighter plane subplot, things could have progressed more smoothly.

    But the crowning achievement for this ep, is that for the first time EVER, Steve Trevor is NOT taken prisoner or held hostage! In fact, he even manages to route out a Nazi spy working at the airfield. Go Steve!
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