Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 4

The Fine Art of Crime

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1978 on CBS

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  • Brilliant!

    The Fine Art of Crime

    MUCH, MUCH better in every possible way! The return of Roddy McDowell as a very different character to who we've seen before and he's excellent. The return of Harold Farnum is less welcome although it does show that even if this is the season that reinvents itself there's still a link with 2 and still lots of fun to be had. Quite a clever concept and one that whips the conquered-superheroines/ASFR fetishists into a real frenzy with WW surrendering, obeying her new masters commands by assuming the classic superheroine pose and giving a big, big smile as she's transformed into a living statue. Even when she shows McDowell's character her own bracelets she looks as though she's gleefully raising her arms in surrender. Just search youtube

    'Wonder Woman Finer Art of Crime Extended Version


    'Wonder Woman Entranced and Frozen'

    for some very interesting re-edited clips. Again the footage isn't half as interesing as the comments people leave underneath it, suggesting that she should have remained frozen and that's how they should have ended the season/series! Myself and a million other little girls would have cried ourselves to sleep in our WW outfits if that were the case!

    Of course our girl comes good but then we always knew she would.

    That said I don't think Lynda has ever looked more beautiful and that's really saying something. Frankly I think female beauty peaked with either Lynda Carter in 1978 or Marge Simpson crossed with Pamela Anderson in her prime. If you ever watch Saturday Night Fever even John Travolta's character has a picture of Wonder Woman in this pose stuck to his bedroom mirror as he's getting ready to go out, one of the iconic posters of the 70s, up there with Farah Fawcett in her red swimsuit or the tennis player (ahem) scratching her hip. The villains are a lot cleverer and a great deal more dominant/charming than the normal moronic thugs and (seemingly) defeat her with brain instead of brawn, these guys actually have some character and pose a serious threat. But her plan is pretty brilliant, knowing that she'll only get to meet the real mastermind if her comes to the museum opening and he's only going to do that if he thinks that he's defeated her. Also a funny little moment when she knocks McDowell flying and as he comes to he's horrified to find a disembodied wax hand in his face.

    9/10 very good, let's have more like this!

  • Wonder Woman encounters a threat that may end her crime fighting career..permanently!

    This episode deals with an artist that is renowned for creating amazingly realistic statues of men and women and the seemingly coincidental thefts of valuable items from the museums and private homes that contain them. Wonder Woman quickly determines the truth behind both of these events and moves to capture the people behind the crimes.

    For this reviewer, this was one of the better episodes of the entire series for several reasons. One reason that it is an episode that was heavy on the appearance of Wonder Woman. Another reason that this reviewer like this episode was that the villain(s) try not to defeat Wonder Woman with brute force but by outwitting her. The acting in the episode was very well done with Roddy McDowell, in the part of the state making artist, playing his part almost perfectly.

    A great episode and highly recommended!!
  • Wonder Woman battles a gang that uses human statues to rob art

    This is an odd episode. The odd part is that you see Wonder Woman like 3 times at least but never you see Diana making circles to transform in Wonder Woman. That's highly unusual in the episode. The storyline is okay, entertaining. The guest stars were great: Roddy MacDowall is always good to see act, Joe E. Tata is fun to watch so young very years before of Beverly Hills 90210, and Gavin McCleoud that he is was Captain Stubbing from the original Love Boat.