Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 22

The Man Who Could Not Die

Aired Unknown Aug 28, 1979 on CBS

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  • Terrible!

    The Man who could not Die

    So bad it's not true. A complete reboot for the series with Steve Trevor obviously being written out and Diana moving to Los Angeles. The idea of the man who couldn't die is stupid although maybe with this formula we could have some more villains who are capable of taking on and possibly even defeating WW. The super-monkey and the annoying hustler kid who just seems to be allowed to walk around the top secret IADC headquarters at will are stupid beyond belief (I remember the actor though, James Bond the Third who would later go on to star in classic kids TV series 'The Red Hand Gang'). Diana only gets involved in the whole scheme at all though the Jessica Fletcher effect, that is the hero/heroine constantly stumbling over clues to dark going-ons without even looking for them. Diana in her fedora hat again which does look good. Reputedly by this stage Lyle Waggoner was pretty fed up with the series, I understand why, he's this classic handsome leading man and yet he's constantly relegated to being nothing more than the damsel in distress, constantly helpless and needing to be rescued. Interesting name for the villain, 'Reichman', very Nazi overtones and he's a true Reanimator style baddie. For once amazingly WW's lasso doesn't work, the serum makes Bryce immune. Interesting how modern technology is beginning to overtake ancient magic.You get the idea that maybe with Bryce they were looking to do a Bionic Woman style spinoff in reverse? (reputedly The Girl for Ilandia and Wonder Girl were also attempts at a spinoff targetting the youth market). Of course whilst he was making the series Lyle was also the Mayor of a town in Claifornia (as Clint Eastwood/Sonny Bono would also later be) so maybe he just didn't have the time to spend on the set?


  • I enjoyed this episode, on its own, but I can see why it was cancelled given how this episode was not a good showcase for finding a way to keep it going.

    This episode was a little odd in that there was basically very little warning that Diana was moving to L.A. However, there were several obscure signs. At least 1/3rd of the season took place in L.A - Diana kept traveling out west to take on cases. I'm sure that this was done just to keep costs down because they could use local "L.A." places without worrying about palm trees being found in Washington, D.C. There was also an indication of the move in "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret". Towards the end of the episode, Diana reveals that there was a "rumor" that she might be "transferred to Los Angeles at the end of the month". The way the show aired, this was the next episode so there was a logical move, in a sense. However, this was really meant to be the last episode and so one wonders if the Roller Coaster episode should have aired even earlier than as the second-last one.

    If I were writing this episode, I would have found a way to make this a two-part episode and have it start in Washington and then have Diana move out west to continue the story. I would have had Steve come with her and get her set up and then have him leave her. But it didn't play out that way.

    So on to the actual episode that aired. Hawthorne was not a strong character. Had the network even thought about keeping the show, I am thinking they would have replaced him. He did not have any of the charisma of Steve Trevor and they needed a strong male to play opposite Diana to show that Diana is really a strong woman.

    The character of T. Burton Phipps III is kind of like Jar Jar Binks from the new Star Wars. He is just there for fun and levity. He served little purpose. However, you can think of him as a replacement for Rover. :) He could have been useful to the show if they made good use of him.

    The character of Brett could have been a good introduction but I think he would have been too many super heroes to have in the show. Perhaps he could have been called upon occasionally?

    So, given the way this episode was presented, I think I understand why the network axed it. It was weak as a showcase for the future. On its own, I think it was better than some of the other episodes in the season though.
  • An episode supposed to mark a major change in the show....but we'll never know....

    It's a little hard to review this episode as it was originally scheduled to air as the last episode of season three but aired earlier. It's obvious that the writers were planning a new direction for the series as Diana Prince was shown moving to Los Angeles with a new cast of characters introduced. Steve Trevor and Joe Atkinson are replaced by a collage of characters that include a man who is seemingly immune to physical harm, an orangutan (!) who is also immune to deadly attacks, a street wise black kid and an affable head of the LA division of the IADC.

    As for the story to this episode, it's a bit flimsy as it centers around the immune man and monkey and how they came to exist. If the viewer is knowledgeable about comics, he or she might see a bit of Captain America's origin in the story that is told.

    How would I rate this episode? Based on what was brought in, it's a mediocre episode at best. While the idea of sending Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman to a new city is a laudable notion, the characters that the writers intended to be using for the following season were a bit weak, to say the least.
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