Wonder Woman

Season 1 Episode 7

The Pluto File

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1976 on CBS

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  • An improvement

    The Pluto File

    Interesting title, Pluto the Roman god of the underworld and also giving it's name to the 9th planet and one of the radioactive elements on which nuclear energy and weapons is based. Also a genuine WW2 term for a system used to supply oil for the D-day landings (Pipe Line Under The Ocean). The Falcon, an Irishman acting as an agent for the Germans is also historically accurate, Irish nationalism/republicanism not only supporting the Axis in WW2 but sheltering Nazi war criminals in the Irish Free State afterwards. This ep features the Manhattan Project (the US Atomic Bomb programme) and the ability to cause earthquakes which recur in a later ep as will biological warfare, all big concerns in the 1970s. We also see Diana demonstrate her brains as well as her beauty, impressing the atomic scientist.

    5/10 not bad, improvement on the last few eps

  • Standard WW good fun.

    Here's an interesting multi-layered conflict: Villain is stealing file that has info on how to make earthquakes - But why stop there!? Unbeknownst to the villain, let's have him carry the Bubonic Plague virus, too! Call it bizarre, but you can't say you saw that coming. Robert Reed does some nice character acting in the role of the "Falcon." The plot clips along swiftly for the first half of the episode with the plague storyline just as intersting as the Pluto File itself. The second half of the episode becomes very tedious with the reactor core being threatened, etc. Lynda Carter is being directed to move and speak a bit quicker in the more suspenseful scenes which starts to help the pacing out on some of the remaining episodes of season one. I wish the same could be said for Beatrice Colen who seems to have been directed to drive every scene she's ever in to a screeching halt - this episode is just an example. Carter's Wonder Woman time on-screen starts to increase as well. No objections. A nice, but somewhat boring episode here.