Wonder Woman

Season 2 Episode 7

The Queen and the Thief

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1977 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Wonder Woman saves a tiny country of Malakan by catching the thief who stole the royal jewels, then returning the jewels to the queen.

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Lyle Waggoner

Lyle Waggoner

Major Steve Trevor/Colonel Steve Trevor, Jr.

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter

Princess Diana/(Yeoman) Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Norman Burton

Norman Burton

Joe Atkinson (1977-1979)

Juliet Mills

Juliet Mills

Queen Kathryn

Guest Star

David Hedison

David Hedison

Evan Robley

Guest Star

John Colicos

John Colicos

Ambassador Orrick

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Wonder Woman uses her golden lasso to suspend herself over the safe, the lasso looks like it becomes a very thick, grey rope.

    • Twice, while Diana is dressed as a chamber maid, she becomes Wonder Woman and you can see her head cover falling off to the floor. Wonder Woman doesn't pick it up and the security guards should have found it while looking for her.

    • Trivia: There is a scene near the beginning when Wonder Woman follows Robley to the Queen's room. The scene is used again when it's night but a filter was used to make the scene appear darker.

    • Goof: Joe calls the Queen Kathleen but her name is Kathryn.

    • Goof: In what would be a trademark for all episodes of the show, whenever Wonder Woman leaps into the air, it can be seen that she is wearing boots without heels. The same thing can be seen when she is running for any amount of distance......

    • It is obvious that Lynda is wearing a hairpiece and that her tiara is made of flexible plastic when she throws it while suspended from her lasso.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Wonder Woman: Mr. Robley, you make an excellent detective.
      Robley: Please, there's no need to be cruel.

    • Robley: (as Wonder Woman enters his room) I must remember to put up a sign: "Please knock before trespassing."

    • Robley: Is there a name to go along with such a pretty face?
      Diana: Yes, sir. Diana.
      Robley: Ahh. Diana, goddess of the hunt. Are you a huntress like your namesake? Because if you are, I'm your willing prey.

    • Evan: (to Wonder Woman) Ya know, if you play your cards right, I think you can talk me into a permanent partnership.

    • Evan Robley: (looking at Wonder Woman in admiration) What do I do? Salute?
      Wonder Woman: Do thieves salute?

    • Queen: Wonder Woman?
      Wonder Woman: Yes.
      Queen: I must still be asleep. I thought you were a dream, a legend.
      Wonder Woman: I'm real, as real as you.

    • Count Diaz/Evan Robley: (looking at Diana in her maid uniform) You can not be a maid. You must be a princess! No one as lovely as you can be serving tea.

    • Joe: Why has every crisis since World War II happen right in the middle of my beauty sleep?
      Steve: You're not getting too old for this, are you, Joe?
      Joe: I was too old for this before either one of you was born.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Robley (David Hedison) mentions a transistor small enough to fit in an olive of a martini. Hedison played Felix Leiter alongside Roger Moore's James Bond in Live and Let Die. And would go on to play Leiter again alongside Timothy Dalton's James Bond in License to Kill. Bond's favorite drink is a martini.


    • Cinderella
      Diana: Queen Kathryn is this generation's Cinderella.

      Cinderella is a popular fairy tale about a young girl who lives with her wicked step-mother and step-sisters. There have been several adaptations of the tale on stage and screen, the most popular being the 1950 Disney animated classic of the same name.

    • Sherlock Holmes

      Steve: Brilliant deduction, my dear Watson.
      Diana: Thank you, Holmes.

      Sherlock Holmes is the main character in several novels and short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The stories also featured the character of Dr. Watson, the friend and biographer of Holmes.