Wonder Woman

Season 2 Episode 1

The Return of Wonder Woman

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 1977 on CBS
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Wonder Woman convinces her mother, the Queen of the Amazons, that she must once again go into the outside world to help protect the free world from its enemies as well as the secret of Paradise Island and its ancient culture.

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  • A great improvement from the WW2 eps

    The Return of Wonder Woman

    So here we are in the 70s! For me this is the real WW, the one I remember watching as a little girl, I never saw the WW2 series growing up, they may not have shown it in Europe?. Personally I think it works better in modern times, it also has the added bonus of being a lot cheaper to make, you don't need to put everyone in period costume, rent classic cars etc, you can just film it on the street. Coming up to modern times means that Diana Prince can be a full agent of the IADC and not just Steve's secretary (although her bosses are still all male). Interestingly the Amazon's on Paradise Island actually overule their Queen, perhaps WW brought the concept of democracy back with her in the 40s. Maybe they wish to once more intervene in the world of men AND women? The costume has changed and Lynda looks fabulous in it, the breastplate softened to make it look less hardened and more feminine, accentuating WW's breasts more than ever. More highly cut hot pants turning them into bikini bottoms, no more satin tights either so they had to change the theme tune but even more delectable Lynda Carter flesh on display. I always thought she looked rather cherubic in the first season (especially evident if you look at the DVD cover) but now she looks superhot, the straightened hair also an improvement. Lyle now in suits and looking like he's going to die of polyester poisoning if all the vaseline on his teeth doesn't get him first, he really does resemble a Ken doll. He's on the screen for 5 minutes and he gets knocked out, he takes after his old man alright. The opening titles are a lot less cartoony although they do actually contain some of WW's infamous bondage theme, her freeing herself from being tied to a stake. The ep itself deals with nuclear power and insurrection in South America which were big concerns at the time. The Amazons have been keeping up with technology and WW's invisible plane is now a jet. She makes now attempt to try to make any money this time but maybe Yeoman Prince left her bank account acquiring interest for the last 30 years, Highlander style? So, where's Drusilla? Did she marry the guy she had a crush on during Wonder Woman in Hollywood? What happened to Steve and WW at the end of WW2? Did she just decide to leave the US after the end of the war? Who did Steve marry? His son refers to him in the past tense and WW doesn't think to ask after him or visit him so are we to assume he's dead? Presumably he must be if WW is able to use the same alias as she did in the 40s otherwise he'd surely twig something was up if his son's new agent had the same name as his old secretary 6/10moreless
  • Nice start to the second season!

    Good story mostly because it's based on the comic book origins. Slow pacing makes it difficult to sit through at times, but for the most part, it's basic Wonder Woman fun.

    Jessica Walter and Beatrice Straight turn in two fine performances. Lynda comes across as more of a youngster in the episode; a disposition that will abruptly evolve in the next several episodes. Classic 70s tv moment occurs when Gloria (Walter) plays back the home movie she took of WW from her car. Miraculously her one-camera, one-angle film is edited with sound effects and close ups. Look for the survelance camera sequence in "The Man Who Could Move the World" for another example.

    The episode doesn't really merit 90 minutes and for this, the long unnecessary sequences drag the interest level down. However, the scene of Diana spinning into WW in front of the birch trees, which will be used later in the title sequences, is one of the most exciting spins ever on the series.moreless
Lyle Waggoner

Lyle Waggoner

Major Steve Trevor/Colonel Steve Trevor, Jr.

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter

Princess Diana/(Yeoman) Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Norman Burton

Norman Burton

Joe Atkinson

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  • TRIVIA (14)

    • GOOF: When Diana realizes that Steve Trevor is a fake and confronts him, you very briefly (for a couple of frames only) see what looks to be a stuntman about to attack Wonder Woman.

    • In the previous season, when Wonder Woman tossed her tiara at enemies, it remained round. Beginning this episode, when she tosses the tiara, it stretches out into a boomerang.

    • Solano tells Gloria that his robot's nuclear reactor has enough power to take out a "substantial portion of Washington." However, when he causes the reactor to go critical, it hardly even damages the cave Wonder Woman tosses it into.

    • According to the calendar on the wall in the office, Diana begins working for the IADC on Thursday, May 14th.

    • The ruby in Wonder Woman's tiara can now function as a communication device between her and her mother on Paradise Island.

    • The fake Steve gives the coordinates of Guanare as 21 54N; 17 22E. Those coordinates put Guanare somewhere in the middle of Africa.

    • This season takes place 35 years after "Wonder Woman in Hollywood".

    • Wonder Woman's golden lasso can now also induce forgetfulness.

    • In the previous season the Feminum bracelets were silver but in the new season, they are gold. The previous season takes place 20-30 years before with Wonder Woman back on her island and she could have got different bracelets.

    • Wonder Woman reveals, that on her next birthday, she will be 2,527 years old....!

    • IRAC, the computer used by Diana and others, stands for Information Retrieval Associative Computer.

    • Paradise Island scientists apparently have equipment, albeit unseen, to guide airplanes lacking pilots to a safe landing on the island.

    • When the occupants of the plane are gassed and the plane rocks in the sky, the window frame of the plane the footage is shot from is clearly visible in the lower right for about two seconds.

    • There is no mentioning or appearance of Diana/Wonder Woman's younger sister Drusilla/Wonder-Girl. However, it was rumored that if the show would have continued on and Wonder Woman/Diana Prince was now set in California, the character of Drusilla/Wonder Girl was to be brought back to the show.

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  • NOTES (6)

    • Pay attention to the room in which Wonder Woman rescues Steve. This octagonal shaped set is used again in about 8 of the next episodes from everything to a maximum security safe that houses the queen's jewels to an evil toy-maker's secret toy room to a turning-lead-to-gold private laboratory!

    • Not only do we see a change of network, but we also see a change in the lyrics of the opening song. Also, the opening sequence goes a little bit faster.

    • With this episode, some subtle changes are made to Wonder Woman's costume from the World War II-era episodes. Also, the invisible plane changes somewhat in appearance.

    • This episode introduces the regular character of Joe Atkinson, played by Norman Burton. He would serve as Steve and Diana's boss at the IADC until Steve was promoted later in the season.

    • Wonder Woman/Diana Prince is the only character remaining from the World War II-era first season. Lyle Waggoner's character is now the son of Major General Steve Trevor from season 1, and all other recurring characters are new.

    • This episode originally aired as a 90 min movie, but is usually edited down to 60 min for syndication.