Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 17

The Richest Man in the World

Aired Unknown Feb 19, 1979 on CBS

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  • Not brilliant but ok

    The Richest Man in World

    Once again dealing with a 70s legend, Marshall Henshaw closely resembling reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes (Lynda Carter going on to play one of his famous girlfriends Rita Hayworth in a telemovie, you get the idea if Lynda Carter or Wonder Woman had been around a few years earlier she would have inevitably ended up as one of his extensive harem of Hollywood beauties). Hughes really did work with the real life equivalent of the IADC, the CIA in desiging and building a vessel called the Glomar Explorer which recovered half of a sunken Soviet submarine in the Pacific during the 70s. Reputedly he was so eccentric (ie mad but rich) that the Soviets bought the official cover story that the Glomar Explorer was actually intended to seek out the lost world of Altantis, the inspiration for Paradise Island. His encounter with Barney is reminiscent of the stoy of 'Melvin and Howard', an ordinary Joe encountering the richest man in the world, not realising it yet treating him decently anyway. Diana wears her fedora style hat which was fashionable at the time along with wicker furniture, elaborate curvy white limos and mainstream cinema porn such as Emanuelle and The Green Door (which Lynda Carter could easily have ended up doing had her Wonder Woman role not come along, she had $25 to her name when she won the role). Someone should really keep a track of all the stolen technology in Wonder Woman and other series of the time, it seems doubtful that the US was able to keep anything secret (much like every ep of The Professionals has a military armoury theft or every ep of The New Avengers has a dying man's last mysterious words) . The anti-missile defence system is akin to Ronald Regan's 'Star Wars' defence system which was still a work of fiction in the late 70s, not least by Clive 'Raise the Titanic' Cussler. Rather beggars belief that Diana Prince should just stumble upon Henshaw and give him a lift but that's really the least of logical problems with this ep. As with the 'Girl for Ilandia', The Bushwhackers and the 'Deadly Seance' episodes we have an orphan needing an adoptive parent and gaining them in the course of the episode.

    5/10, not brilliant but ok