Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 15

The Starships Are Coming

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1979 on CBS

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  • Sci-fi ahoy!

    The Starships are coming

    Ridiculous at first glance this ep makes a lot more sense when you think that the events of 'Mind robbers from outer space' took place in the public eye, the existence of alien life is common knowledge in the DC universe. That said the 'villain who explains the dastardly scheme before attempting to kill the hero in an unnecessarily elaborate fashion' is just terrible as Austin Powers points out to great comic effect. Ultra-right wing baddies who were common in the 70s, self-doubting America looking inwards to itself for evil after the debacle of Vietnam, Watergate and the Church Committee hearings into the CIA/FBI and their various dodgy actions during the Cold War (would love to have seen Steve Trevor hauled befiore that inquisition, "So Mr Trevor, is Wonder Woman's lariat of truth admissable as evidence under the constitution or is it an infringement of civil rights comparable to waterboarding?") . The fear of Red China (before it was replaced by capitalist-but-still-totalitarian-China) very much to the fore and the controversy surrounding Nixon's detente towards it certainly a big issue. Once again we end with Lynda Carter giving her trademarked huge smile of happiness, does anyone else do that with such radiant conviction?. Not a bad ep per se but it seems the series is still trying to ride the wave of sci-fi enthusiasm that followed Star Wars (WW alumni Roddy McDowell voicing Disney's The Black Hole etc).


  • Wonder Woman take on alien invaders..or are they?

    In an episode that is a nod to the hysteria that gripped America back during the ' War of the Worlds' radio broadcast, Diana travels to a midwestern town to investigate the disappearance of a man supposedly under mysterious circumstances. While there, a rogue TV broadcast is seen that purports to shown the beginning of an alien invasion in the area. Diana travels into the heavily wooded countryside to discover the truth behind all the chaos.

    This was a fairly nifty episode as the viewer gets to see Diana do something more than change into Wonder Woman to solve problems. At the same time, Wonder Woman also gets into some frenetic fighting near the end that is quite exciting.

    Good stuff!
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