Wonder Woman

Season 3 Episode 7

Time Bomb

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1978 on CBS

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  • Wonder Woman in the 22nd Century! ... would have been a cooler subject for this episode

    Reviewer joxerlives makes a good point that there have gotta be easier ways for time traveling villain Cassandra to make a fortune in the past than some risky mining venture. I guess she never watched Back to the Future 2. If she'd followed Biff's example from that movie, she would have had the advantage of not needing to rely on accomplices or calling undue attention to herself. Why the heck did she find the late 20th century such an appealing era to live in anyway? According to fellow time traveler Adam, there's going to be a nuclear holocaust in twenty years' time. Maybe since Cassandra has no qualms about altering the past, she planned on trying to avert the disaster? Doesn't seem likely, however, given that she displays little concern for endangering countless lives to further her goals. Odd how Diana doesn't express more interest in this historical tidbit, though; you'd think she might want to do something about it, unless she's hell bent on preserving the integrity of the timeline regardless of the cost. Then again, maybe she does do something, since 2007 came and went and armageddon failed to arrive.

    A lot of the ideas planted in this episode are more intriguing than the episode itself, particularly the fact that Wonder Woman is apparently still alive and kicking in the 22nd century. Well, why wouldn't she be? After all, she's an immortal Amazon. Will she begin a relationship with Adam when he returns to his own time? Or will she be with someone else by then- possibly Superman? How much would her costume have changed in two hundred years? It would have been cool if they'd done a sequel to this episode that addressed some of those questions, though an episode set entirely in the future might have been outside this show's budget. Maybe future Diana could have traveled back in time and met herself. And then they could have gone even further back and met the Diana from the 1940s.

    The nuclear holocaust hasn't arrived (thankfully), but there is at least one part about the future that this episode did get right: Adam regards a payphone as a nearly forgotten historical relic, and indeed, here in the early 21st century, they are becoming an increasingly rare sight.
  • Predicts disaster

    Time Bomb

    Ted Shackleford back once more as a different character. You'd wonder if Cassandra can predict the future why she doesn't just do a little sports betting or play the stock market? If some of the future stuff looks familar they're stock shots from the classic British sci-fi series Space;1999 (no submarines in the future?) which also deals with the idea of a disasterous nuclear accident although this one hurls the moon out of orbit. Adam also mentions a nuclear apocalypse in 2007, weird we never noticed. One interesting factor is that according to Cassandra is that WW is still up and about in 2155AD. That said whilst it may mean it's out current Wonder Woman it could also mean that the role may be passed down through the centuries to other Amazons?


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