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  • Season 2 Episode 9: The Man Who Made Volcanoes

  • When Wonder Woman runs into the lab near the end of this episode, it seems to be a scene from a later take, since Lynda Carter appears to be out of breath (from doing repeated takes of rushing into the lab) and trying to maintain her composure.

  • The Chinese refer often to the city of Peking. Today, that city in English is called Beijing.

  • Goof: Professor Chapman's assistant (the hotel manager) mentions to his boss in the lab at the top of the mountain that he killed Diana Prince although admitting he did not see her with his own eyes but pushed the button to activate the crunching wall. Later on, when he plans an ambush for the Chinese and Russians, he says that they already have one American agent and he knows where to find the second one. Obviously the second one is dead, according to his previous belief, so the script is faulty in having him go take Diana Prince from where the Chinese left her.

  • Professor Chapman aims and fires his volcano-creating laser at Chevy Chase, Maryland as his US based target. Later in the episode, when Trevor and Atkinson are discussing recent developments in the case at IADC Headquarters in Washington, DC, they make no reference to the Chevy Chase incident. Chevy Chase is a DC suburb.

  • Trivia: When Diana is captured and taken to Chapman, he says it's been two years, suggesting they last saw each other two years ago. Diana only started working at the I.A.D.C. eight episodes ago, when Wonder Woman returned to the outside world from Paradise Island. So therefore, 2 years must have past since the beginning of Season 2 and this episode.

  • Goof: The block broken with a karate chop has an obvious seam before the blow is struck.

  • Season 2 Episode 8: I Do, I Do

  • Goof: When Dolly's horse is triggered to buck while on her ride, the footage used is actually from earlier in the show. In the background of the scene you can see the corral and other horses, however, Dolly and her horse are alone on the bridal path when the trigger is activated.

  • Goof: When Smitty and Johnny first visit Mr. Allen in his office, the boom mike is visible darting back and forth across the room in the reflection of the window.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: The Queen and the Thief

  • When Wonder Woman uses her golden lasso to suspend herself over the safe, the lasso looks like it becomes a very thick, grey rope.

  • Twice, while Diana is dressed as a chamber maid, she becomes Wonder Woman and you can see her head cover falling off to the floor. Wonder Woman doesn't pick it up and the security guards should have found it while looking for her.

  • Trivia: There is a scene near the beginning when Wonder Woman follows Robley to the Queen's room. The scene is used again when it's night but a filter was used to make the scene appear darker.

  • Goof: Joe calls the Queen Kathleen but her name is Kathryn.

  • Goof: In what would be a trademark for all episodes of the show, whenever Wonder Woman leaps into the air, it can be seen that she is wearing boots without heels. The same thing can be seen when she is running for any amount of distance......

  • It is obvious that Lynda is wearing a hairpiece and that her tiara is made of flexible plastic when she throws it while suspended from her lasso.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: The Pied Piper

  • Goof: At the second robbery in Los Angeles, the thieves use the device on the door, melting the knob and lock only. Minutes later, however, the door comes off its hinges and falls on Joe.

  • This is a Diana-Joe only episode, we only see Steve briefly at the end.

  • Goof: When the fake snake comes out of the basket at the beginning of the episode, you can see a wire very clearly pulling the snake up on the left side of the screen toward the head of the snake.

  • Goof: When the second robbery is perpetrated, in Los Angeles, the "sound gun" makes a hole relatively small in the safe; later on, when Wonder Woman looks at the safe, the hole is at least 5 times bigger.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Knockout

  • Goof - Wonder Woman is interrogating Angel Velasquez asking him who is part of the criminal organization and he says: "I only know the two men I sent after you" - obviously that was a mistake, he was supposed to say "the men I sent after Diana Prince."

  • Diana tells Joe that she will take a red-eye flight to LAX. However, there are no red-eye flights flying westbound coast to coast. This goes against conventional wisdom because if you fly, for example, at midnight from D.C. you arrive to LAX around 2am, which is not enough to be classified a red eye (term coming from the sunrise). In addition, airlines don't usually fly after midnight from the east coast to the west for obvious logistic problems.
    Morover, Diana leaves D.C. after midnight and arrives in L.A. at 6:30 in the morning which make little sense.

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