Wonder Woman

Season 1 Episode 13

Wonder Woman in Hollywood

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1977 on CBS

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  • Sister Act

    Wonder Girl returns and meets Robert Hays just in time to see someone try to kidnap him. She later defends him against being beaten up by Barry Van Dyke. Diana and Dru learn the meaning of slinky from actress Christopher Norris from Trapper John. Wonder Woman pretends to get shot so Robert Hays will show courage and do Angie for ABC.
  • Cheap and cheerful

    Wonder Woman in Hollywood

    Again this smacks of the cheap and cheerful, "Let's film this on the backlot and not even have to pretend it isn't a movie set". You wonder towards the end of the season was the budget running out? Last appearance of Drusilla (Debra Winger NOT happy in the role by all accounts) and a third different actress playing the Amazon Queen. Great guest cast with Harris Yeulin who'll later be Quentin Travers on Buffy, Robert Hays who'll find fame in the Airplane series and Charles Cyphers who will later become one of John Carpenters rep cast. Dru likes hot-dogs and ice cream which don't seem to exist on Paradise Island (maybe they're not so advanced after all?) Another girly crush from Drusilla, this guy at least not a secret Nazi so that's a step up for her. We also have the infamous WW and Wondergirl running sequence which must have inspired Baywatch. 6/10

  • Another attempt at disaster (at least we're not fighting gorillas) or wrestling cattle but that might have helped!

    Hiring Robert Hays to play the guest star lead was a paramount disaster. Hays, best remembered for Airplane just can't get past that persona and create a character worth watching. WonderWoman meets up again with Wonder Girl and that's all fun and good but otherwise the idea of a propaganda film as the setting for a Wonder Woman plot just doesn't work when it should have since all Superheros donated their time to the war effort in WWII It's too bad since this is the series finale for the WWII episodes. My understanding was that CBS bought the series from ABC to fill up its lineup and of course changed it to the 70's. Linda Carter on a commentary from the Wonder Woman DVD stated openly she liked the 70's episodes better because they were more serious. I have to ask where?