Wonder Woman

Season 1 Episode 6

Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua!

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1976 on CBS

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  • I Wanna Be Gretchen Corbett

    After watching this episode, I want to do a marathon across the country as a blonde-haired Wonder Woman like Gretchen Corbett while raising money to aid victims of recent tragedies in Massachusetts, Texas, Arizona and elsewhere. I would love wearing that breastplate, control belt, feel-good underwear and pantyhose for all eternity! I get tingles just thinking about wearing the costume.
  • Wonder Heart

    This is a Wonder Woman meets King Kong-ish episode.The Nazis have used training and brainwashing to make a warrior gorilla hate Wonder Woman. When they encounter each other and battle Wonder Woman is able to change his ways by showing him love and respect! It's a very touching episode for back in the day.
  • So bad it's not true

    Wonder Woman vs Gargantua

    So bad it's not true, might have worked better with a more convincing gorilla but I doubt it. I keep expecting it to act out the famous sketch from 'Not the Nine O'Clock News'. Guest-starring John Hillerman of Magnum PI fame, weird to hear him talk with his American accent when you're so used to him as a stuffy Englishman. Very, VERY, weird clip of this on Youtube manipulated to give a radically different spin to WW's struggle with the ape. To judge by some of the comments on YouTube and IMDB a lot of people rather like this sort of thing, GOT-fetishists. Another WW double. She shows her affinity with animals for the first time


  • You'll think you're seeing Jane Curtin in that Wonder Woman suit...but you're not! It's actress Gretchen Corbett, who is playing an imitation WW as she brings in a gorilla from the jungle to do her dirty work...

    Gretchen Corbett is as very convincing--and sexy--as Lynda Carter in her own Wonder Woman suit, which is what raises the wow factor for this episode. Corbett wears that strapless halter, tiara and star-spangled panties as if she were born to wear them, which raises speculation as to just how well a blond Wonder Woman would have played out. If Corbett would somehow ditch the German dialect completely, she would be the perfect WW, just like Carter. I am surprised Corbett wasn't hired to be Carter's stunt double. I am equally amazed at how Gretchen Corbett manages to be a dead ringer of actress Jane Curtin, whom I thought was wearing that WW costume! An overall great and memorable episode.
  • Its Murders In The Rue Morgue – Wonder Woman style! Those nefarious Nazis have unveiled their most hideous scheme to date – they are making a man dress up in a terrible party-store gorilla costume and wrestle with Lynda Carter! What dastardly villainy!

    The comic book geek in me desperately wants to find something redeemable about this episode. But the only silk purse to come out of this sow’s ear is the ineffable beauty of Lynda Carter, whose screen presence never ceases to amaze me. But outside of that, this episode is pretty corny, even by comic book standards. The Nazis using a costumed super-gorilla trained to attack cardboard cut-outs of Wonder Woman simply smacks of material better suited for the Adam West Batman series. And let me tell you, Gargantua, the Super-Gorilla looks bloody awful! This costume is so incredibly fake looking that it makes the ape prosthetics from the old Planet Of The Apes flicks look like a Steven Spielberg movie. There is even this really laughable scene, wherein Wonder Woman befriends the psychotic simian and later greets him as Diana Prince. She lowers her glasses slightly and Gargantua RECOGNIZES that it is Wonder Woman. Even Steve Trevor hasn’t been able to figure that one out! And he’s an Air Force Major! That’s pretty sad Steve when even gorillas prove to be more perceptive than you. Still, the episode can be fun to watch, and even more fun to mock. I still give it above-average marks despite the sheer stupidity of it.
  • Wow, the gorilla suit was all the rage in the mid-70s.

    Several months after the opening of the Jessica Lange remake of King Kong comes this enemy-gorilla episode (with a line about King Kong thrown in for laughs). Quite silly from start to finish, but the cast seems to be having a lot of fun with it. Prestigious actors like John Hillerman and Robert Loggia are having to work with a man in a gorilla suit, so you know they made the most of the whole thing. Even Waggoner delivers some ridiculous lines with the utmost seriousness. It's fun to watch the episode and imagine that after each scene, when the director yells "cut", everyone on the set bursts out laughing. The acting is fine but there are some truly bad performances from Gretchen Corbett and Tom Reese - I suppose they do the best they can with the less-than-steller script. This episode marks the beginning of Carter really having confidence with the spin - no more checking to see if she's got all of her accessories: From now on she thinks, she spins, she's Wonder Woman.